It’s October 27th, 10:30am. I’m in a meeting with John P, my Pastor, to discuss a potential missions gift for the children in Honduras. He asked me how I found out about this great product and thus, my story continues: 📽

It’s the first day of the Denver trade show, and I’m ready to impress! Before it started the sponsors were being recognized from the Wagner plant, the host of the show.  The last sponsor announced shocked me 👀 because I knew that God was giving me the ammunition I needed to spread His word back home in Kentucky and giving confirmation of His direction! It’s crazy how much discernment you have when in step with the Lord.

“And last but not least, we’d like to thank Toys For God’s Kids” – The name was enough for me!- “for being with us this week. They work really hard on making toys for less fortunate kids all over the world, so lets give it up to them!! …On Thursday we will be racing the toy cars designed from each company here as a little game to finish up the show.”(We didn’t win btw, but it was still cool to have some healthy competition between companies following up to and during the race)

Literally looked up to God after the announcement and said “Okay, I’ll go over there and talk with them.”

Later that afternoon when everything settled,  I spoke with the boss of the organization, Marlin, and other team members. They were very transparent about the history and purpose of TFGK. You could tell Marlin was a good ol’ boy, just doing the work of God through his heart, head and hands. It’s amazing how wooden toy cars can bring such joy! (American children, for the most part, would not even entertain the idea of something so simplistic)

Fast forward back to my meeting with John, opening up a shoe box of the toy cars! Marlin gave them to me on the last day of the show to take back to church!! How great is our God?! 😍 John loved them and asked for more information. After some small talk, we got onto the subject of Busybusy being a reality for me in Utah. We weighed the pros and cons, I shared my likes and my dislikes, and then we prayed out.

I still could not believe how blessed I was that week! First, the Genesis 1&2 imagery from the book and second, TFGK and bringing that back home with me 😇 Could it get any better?

Find out soon! And remember I would love to read some prayer requests from ya’ll, as well as reading prayers for me!


Keep up the sass, seriously!

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