It’s all about perspective, right?  Imagery of the future can always be redirected based on past experiences, either through your own life, someone that you know,  something that you read, or by watching impactful  tv.

For example, a  person who walks the streets wishes to afford bus fair or a bike, while the bike rider dreams of affording bus fair or any car. Ironically, the car owner is wishing for better gas milage and something that doesn’t break down every other month. And wouldn’t it be so convenient if we could jet away as if we were on some episode of Gossip Girl … But, let’s not forget about the disabled whose only wish is to walk (For the first time or again). Everything is circumstantial.

Working at Busybusy was becoming… tangible by this time, I liked the ideal of starting life over and was successful on my search for a church there but,I didn’t know exactly how to feel, there was a lot to be weighed. I thought to myself ‘Do I want to deal with the headache of moving? I’ve always wanted a girl fish named Kevin! What if I run out of money? I’ve been at UPS for two years, why would I leave? Will everyone really be Mormon?  Can I handle it? What if something bad happens to me? What will my family say? How many times am I going to explain myself? How long do eggs stay fresh? I could get my own dog! Bills?… Ugh, bills. Are the gas prices crazy out there? Is God trusting me with this?? I’m going to miss my friends, my church!… My nephews!’ 

And yes, believe it or not, my mind was jumping around more than that last paragraph! The natural human instinct is to wonder. After all, the brain is a muscle that must be worked out. Even so, the most important action to take was to stay grounded and collected. After seeking more spiritual council from John, my pastor, and Tom, my spiritual father figure, I worked up enough courage to discuss the move with my parents.  Some of you may ask ‘Why didn’t you talk to your parents first?’ And my answer to that is simple: I wanted people who had the same spirit as me, the Holy Spirit, to speak Truth into my life before any other influences could.

It’s a good thing that I did, because my family wasn’t very receptive to the offer Busybusy made me. For a while there was tension, awkward passings in the hall, yelling and silence. At times it felt like a huge gale in my body between Spirit and mind. But eventually, the waves calmed and the clouds parted, disagreements were turning into discussions. I had a decision to make: Stay or Go. And who better to help me with that than the one Man I look up to the most!?

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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