Looking at the life of Jesus changes everything, it allows the heart to start making a real connection with Him. I feel like everyone is obsessed with the simple ‘You’re a sinner. Jesus died to save you from your sin. Resurrected to prove it, and hovered back up to Heaven… But you better act right because He’ll be back’ Yes, that’s true but it’s so… robotic. Where is the connect with that? There isn’t one.

So I knew to make my decision on moving I needed to reflect on the legendary question ‘What would Jesus do?” Starting with the beginning of His life, and that means conception, Mary, Jesus’ mother conceived Him from the Holy Spirit, not by Joesph, her husband. This was obviously unheard of, and back then having a child out of wedlock could get you thrown out of the family, put dishonor on the whole family, even get you killed! So even before Jesus was born, He was a big deal! (Even if it was just a family secret)

Next, I imagined Jesus’ childhood. He entered as the mixed family member,(and loved so much) they were not rich and from the poorest town in the poorest city. He was a big brother and I’m sure He ran around with the other kids in town and played. (He wasn’t always the Man who healed the blind and sick and walked on water.) He was the son of a carpenter!

That’s when the light bulb flashed! All of the pieces mentioned above illuminated my mind molding together just how brave Jesus was when He began His ministry. Two-thousand years ago everything was solely about family, community, and tradition (After all, He was Jewish). Jesus had to learn family and community dynamics and the carpeting trade passed down from generations of Joesph’s bloodline. At the age of thirty, after growing up with all these responsibilities, He left His family do to the work of God. Many became skeptical of His whole family, even His younger brother James didn’t understand at the time. “Why is my mentor and best friend doing this?”

Was Jesus living comfortably at home, doing the same thing all the time? Yes. Was Jesus giving up a lot to act upon God’s will for His life? Yes. Did He know that His life was about to get a lot more complicated and tiresome? Yes. But did it matter? No. God was constantly giving Jesus direction.   Jesus walked, healed, communicated, and saved based on God’s everlasting connection. He didn’t have a home, an earthly wife, and He never fathered a child. Instead, Jesus took care of God’s family, which is everyone! It didn’t matter what you looked like, or how you acted. Jesus’ goal was to introduce people to God through Himself.

Jesus ate with tax collectors, chatted with a Samaritan woman, touched lepers, provided food, healed the sick of the basic commoner and of officials children . He gave testimonies about things that went against the cultural norm and still made sense of it all.

The decision on moving wasn’t based off of my own life, but Jesus’ obedience to God. Yes, I would miss EVERYTHING about Kentucky, but if I didn’t choose this journey I would be missing out on the blessings from God. My calling in life is to be the best Jesus that I can be, to mock Him, and to show others who God is. Jesus brought a piece of Heaven with Him everywhere He went to help restore the world, I’m supposed to do the same thing!

I am the way and the truth and the life No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Being a firm believer in God wanting people to grow when they are uncomfortable, I was ready! I was ready to pick up my cross and walk with it. I was ready to be in this desert land with Jesus’ love lighting my path. I was ready to go on my first mission trip, away from everything that I knew and without everything that knew me. Jesus died for me, so it was my turn to live for Him. To know that Jesus felt worthy to suffer for God gave me all the fuel I needed. Here I come Utah!

Jesus was certainly not my first love, but that’s okay. I love Him now

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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