About the first week of September in 2015 I had (left) wrist surgery due to a ganglion cyst build up. From the pain scale of 1-10, I was a 10! 😖 I had put it off for too long because I didn’t want to miss work (UPS night shift), nonetheless it had to be done! After being off of work for a while my bank account was crumbling, the only thing that changed in my life was my income.

Weeks went by, I got my cast off, therapy was going great, and my prayers were being heard! (seasons of suffering and waiting are necessary!) A friend of a friend through church knew of a job opportunity that the Fair and Expo Center in Louisville Kentucky was hosting. It wasn’t supper hard and I didn’t have to do too much with my hand, (plus I was getting paid💰) so I said “I’m in”! After being in contact with Busybusy and studying everything that I needed to know, I was ready! I met some pretty great people and made new friends. God knew what I needed, which was a change in pace and place in life!

Shortly after, I returned to UPS and stayed in contact with Israel, co owner of Busybusy, periodically. Praying and staying in the Word through Bible studies, prayer circles and book readings really gave me hope that God was going to bless me with this company. And soon enough, I got asked to do another trade show! Denver, Colorado! 🏔

Nerves about my first plane ride, (yes, at the age of 23) I bought the book ‘It’s Not What You Think’ by Jefferson Bethke, to possibly calm myself while in the air. 😍 The first chapter gives a lot of detail about God being creative and really showing His imagination in Genesis. (Ironic huh?) And I was blown away when I looked out of the window of the plane and saw Genesis 1 and 2 right in front of my eyes!! No wonder Jeff gives advice on starting the good news about Jesus with Genesis 1 and 2 instead of 3.

The trade show went great by the way! I met and worked with the CEO of Busybusy, Issac, and again with Israel. Feeling so blessed about the whole trip, I promised God that no matter what I would find a way to relay all of experience back home. And He totally mapped the way!

Stay tuned to see just how amazing our God is! 🙏🏻

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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