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In high school I played soccer against the ‘military brats’ at the Fort Knox Army post, once a season, in Kentucky, but other than that I hadn’t stepped on military grounds. And I never got to explore, only played the game and then left. (But, it was always supper cool when our bus would get checked by the guards, haha) Krista, one of my closest friends from my home town, was always my bus buddy AKA: My trouble making friend, and I will never forget that one time we were on the way there singing Miranda Lambert’s ‘Gun powder and lead‘ 😉 I will say though, there is something about being on military grounds that makes you feel like… royalty. Literally surrounded by humans who have molded and perfected their minds for defensive, better yet, yours and my defense! Humans who have said ‘You being with your family is more important than me being with my family‘ Humans who have said ‘I care about the life of our nation over my own life‘.

After many years and much change there is one thing that has remained, my friendship with Krista. She’s just amazing! However, little did I know that one day we would be back together on a military base again! Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, California, where Krista now lives. She is  now one of the humans of whom I spoke about earlier. We planned a trip for me to come visit for my birthday weekend, and there was no turning back from that! Who would of thought two country girls from the rolling hills of Kentucky would reunite at the AFB in California?? Not me!

Me and Sean, my boyfriend, packed up our bags and left on a Friday night from Utah (If you’re just now tuning into my ‘story’ I moved from Kentucky to Utah in February of 2016) so that I could have a bit of ‘home’ for my birthday, Krista. ALSO, this was my my first time ever going to California! I slept most of the way but Sean still managed to get me up so that I could see some cool stuff. It was so interesting to see houses down the coast line and piled on top of each other in the hills!

It’s morning and we are almost to Krista… I mean when we arrived the Vandenberg AFB, we checked in the Audi and both of our license so that we can go in and out of the base problem free. However, Krista still had to meet us at the front gate to sponsor us.

We weren’t going on our grand tour just yet anyway, we were headed to Pismo Beach to ride ATV’s on the sand dunes. That was a first for me as well!! So cool, and a little scary! Krista’s other friends from base were there with us, they were pretty laid back. I got to know them better when we went to Mexican for lunch though 🙂 Then, we saw a movie at the drive-in, which is always a good time. I really think they should come back in style!

Hours later, Sean and I dropped Krista off at her dorm on base and then checked into our hotel and took a nap! *best nap ever* After we woke up it was time to get ready! We were going exploring! (Krista doesn’t have a car at the time so she was just as excited as I was)

We decided on going to this small town in Cali called Slo. It was such a cute little town! You could tell it’s where the ‘young crowd’ hung out at, which was fine with us because we were there for a good time! There was a bar that we wanted to go into but the line was way too long, so we settled with this ‘whole in the wall’ bar called Frog Pub. This bar was awesome, there was live music that everyone could sing and dance to. Plus, it wasn’t too crowded so you could still get around. I highly recommend going there if you get the chance!!

Midnight, my birthday!!!!! 24! I was with one of my best friends and my boyfriend and in California! Gosh, it was such a great weekend!!  After we got some food and headed back to Lompoc, dropped Krista off and headed back to the hotel.

Even though it was still Sunday when we woke up, it didn’t feel like it because we got in so late. However, we forced ourselves out of bed to get the day started. There was a little restaurant called Kay’s, this place was awesome! The history of the town and restaurant we all over the walls and table. It definitely had the ‘mom and pop shop’ vibe, awe so cute!! I want to go back there! Later, we went rock wall climbing in Santa Barbra and it was a lot of fun. Krista had never put on climbing shoes before, so that was pretty funny! Sean is very familiar with climbing so we were both glad to have him with us!

When that was over we got some brats from Hoffmann Brat House, I don’t recommend that Rattle snake brat, but everything else was delicious!  Then we went shopping and dropped Krista off, then headed back to the hotel.

The next morning we got coffee and finally on our way to get the grand tour of the Vandenberg AFB!! We pick up Krista from her dorm and head off into the unknown. *dramatic pause*  There was little places to shop for groceries and clothes but outside of civilized shopping there were not many places we could go inside of. Families do live on base, so there are little communities we drove through to see the houses. It’s very cool to see all the land (around 100 acres) and buildings!! Our next stop was the beach, I know what you’re thinking but YES the AFB has a beach, and it was beautiful! Windy, but beautiful. Soon after, we dropped Krista back off and yes I cried a little! I never like saying ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you later’.

Sean and I took the long way back to Utah, he showed me other places that I had never seen before: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive (Yes, I was singing ‘Pretty Woman’ in my head the whole time!!) It was definitely an experience!

If anyone has a reason to go to California, I would highly recommend visiting the AFB. We didn’t get to see any of the missile launches but Krista promised she’s let us know in advance that way we can plan another trip to watch that, I can’t wait!!  I know that there are hotels to rent at base and they aren’t too expensive, even for Cali. It will definitely be a quiet for you or your group and you’ll get to drive around to see everything. You might even get to see some wildlife like deer, coyote and these freaky little rodents that are half hamster/half squirrel. (not kidding, they look gross lol)

P.S. If you’re wondering about a church on base, they have one 🙂

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Keep up the sass, seriously!

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  1. It meant the world to me that you all took this trip!! We made so many memories in just a few days 🙂 And felt like we had never been apart. I love our friendship and how we pick up right where we left off. We know we are best friends and don’t have to fake it. Love you MoMo

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