Where to start? Two Words: Breath taking!

Another first for me since moving to Southern Utah…and to think I almost didn’t go!

It took ten years for Lake Powell to get famous, 1956-1966. Although the lake started at Glen Canyon Dam, it’s four main water sources are The Colorado River, The Dirty Devil River, The Escalante River and The San Juan. Ranging anywhere around 186 miles with about 2,000 miles worth of shoreline, we had no problem whatsoever finding a place to set up camp! The primary reason for the lake is a water source for the West Coast, although the lake ‘makes money’ from boaters, campers, and the restaurant that was just put in. I assume it costs too much money filtering sea water, so the west coast states drain the lake to provide for the population there. It makes me sad to think about, but the lake does fill back up from melting snow in the spring time.

Sean, my boyfriend and his friend got invited to go the the lake for their friend’s birthday weekend, so naturally I was invited. It was about a three hour drive from Southern Utah, but very worth it because it was so pretty! The boarder of Utah and Arizona is so eye catching, plus I got to see the outside of Zion National Park (TRUST ME, when I go there I will be blogging about it!) I think one of the most amazing things in life is the human eye. I LOVE being able to detect texture and depth and color and width and height all at the same time. It’s amazing how creative our God is! The rocks and mountains over here in the wild wild west are just so different from Kentucky!

The one thing I have been telling myself since the move is that I want to see everything that I can and that I want to meet all the people that I can. So, I knew that this trip was going to be so worth it!

After Sean, and I arrived at Wahweap Marina, we unloaded the Jeep and loaded up Brett’s boat, Sean’s best friend. Just about everyone else was already there, so the boat was packed full!! As we were on our way to the camp we traveled through the main channel, that was supper scary to drive through! You basically have to idol through the entire channel because it is so choppy from hitting the walls and the boat traffic is heavy. It only averages about 250 feet across, so extra precaution has to be taken when going through. (Of course I’m learning all of this as I go haha)

But, I was getting to visit with all the girls that were on the boat, and they were all awesome and very welcoming, that have all been friends for a while. Everyone asked me “Where’s your accent from??”  “Why did you move to southern Utah?” which is always a great ice breaker now that I don’t live in Kentucky anymore! I learned that the others girls were from all over too, ranging anywhere from Phenix, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

 Finally, after taking dips in the water and having our own concerts on the boat we arrived at camp, set up didn’t take too long. It took Sean and I about 15 minutes to get all of our gear together, which honestly surprised the hell out of me because I honestly thought it was going to be like a scene from a movie where the camp site looks more like a disaster before it ever looks uniform! haha!

It was pretty windy while we were there so my suggestion would be to do what we did: 1. Our canopy never extended all the way up, we left it at the half that way the wind didn’t have the advantage. It was the only one that we had and we couldn’t afford for it to get ruined because it’s so hot there. (This wasn’t just for us either, the ice and food in our coolers and our  5 gallon water jug would have never made it without the shade over it.) 2. Also, wear shoes! The ants and sticker bushes are bad! (at least where we were) 3. If you get the chance you HAVE to sail (and swim) back in the canyons, they will leave you in awe!!

The rest of the trip consisted of sitting by the camp fire, tin foil dinners, country breakfasts, boating, swimming, and romantic walks on the shore 🙂

If you have any suggestions for the next time I go there, please let me know! Any feedback will help. Also, if you are or are going to be a first timer like me, let me know how the trip goes for you! I;d love to hear about it!



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