Miles 1-3: “Oh, this is easy, I’m feeling so good this morning, that protein bar hit the spot! … Starting to sweat now; ope, it’s nothing, just a shin splint is all. I’m still making really good time!”

Miles 4-6: “Okay, starting to breathe a little heavy now. Concentrate Morgan! … Why do these dogs still bark at me? I run by here all of the time. Ugh, here comes the big hill soon.”

Miles 7-9: “Finally, my legs are numb and I can just run! Gosh, I’m tired of moving, and I need to poop” (Disclaimer: Runners poop is a real thing, look it up) I want to walk, but I know if I do it will be twice as hard to start back up… almost finished for the day, then I can relax”

…To be continued

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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