Disclaimer: It’s not cute, but it’s effective!

I am not a cute runner, I don’t wear makeup (except for the casual mascara that I’m too lazy to wipe off) I don’t wear expensive workout gear to sweat in, and my hair doesn’t have 20 pins in it to keep it looking fresh. I put my hair in a ponytail, and sometimes wear a headband, if not the ‘baby hair’ around my head are reaching out for help!

Advice on Form: The best advice I can give on running form would have to be about the elbows. I am always very aware about my elbows being tucked in close to my body. I find that if I let my arms swing side-to-side while running my shoulders will hunch over, making it hard for me to breathe! However, when my elbows are tucked, giving my arms the freedom to swing front-to-back, keeps my should square to each other and parallel to the ground. Thus, making breathing easier! (Especially when it’s a long distance run)

Secondly, be aware of how your feet hit the ground. There shouldn’t be any pounding from ‘heavy feet’ and (depending on the style of running) for the most part, you want your feet to land heel-to-toe in a smooth motion.

Thirdly, be aware of your hips and knees. This is so important! I have really bad knees (I know right, who doesn’t!?) from playing (Fun Fact) soccer for MANY years. Over time, I have had to concentrate on making sure that I am parallel with the ground while running. My left knee used to rotate out, making my leg land ‘funny’ on the ground. This put so much pressure and pain on the left side of my lower body that I would have to walk sometimes… or just push through it because I was being timed. (which I’m really paying for now) If you know that you are in the same situation as I am (Or even if you don’t) go to your local running store, they usually have someone there whom can watch you jog around to see which running shoe would fit you the best!

Advice on Shoes: Simply put; Find a great shoe! Also remember, shoes are like tires on a truck; they are only good for a certain amount of miles and need to be rotated! So, if you are debating on getting a new pair, go on and do it. You don’t want to get a new pair of shoes after your up too far in milage, that will only get you hurt toes, blisters, and bumps on your feet 🙂  I wear the Brooks: Ghost brand and LOVE them.

Another thing that you want to keep in mind, depending on your body type and running style, is getting a shoe that is ‘too big’. I wear a shoe that is a half size bigger than my foot. I did feel a little clownish at first, but it really helps with long distance running because the feet will swell and need more breathing room after a while. If your feet swell in general, than it’s probably not a bad idea to get your shoes bigger too! This will also give the feet some help in the shoe when going up hill or down hill, if your shoe isn’t ‘big’ enough you will have more pressure on your toes going down hill, and cause stress on the heels going up hill. (Don’t fall for the myth that you need a snug shoe to get the job done!)

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Advice on Tracking Runs: This is a no brainer; How are you going to know your progress if you aren’t tracking your progress! If you want to be better, than that’s exactly what you have to do; is be better. How do I do that? I use the Nike Running App, it is AMAZING and has all the necessities that a running app needs! The icon for the app is red, with a white Nike check and plus sign. The app has many running options to keep it fun! Basic, distance, time, and speed are the four running styles and as you are running a provided speaker will tell you the pace, distance, and time as you go. You can also have your choice music, GPS location, and ‘Cheers off’ for social media to keep you motivated in your progress!

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Keep up the sass, seriously! 

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