I was never an explorer up until this time, traveling for soccer was all I ever did. After the game was over, it was time to go back home or school. However, it was time for a change. I made the choice to move to southern Utah and start over!

To read about why I chose this new adventure read here:

February finally! I purged my room off all it’s ‘stuff’, the farewell parties had been thrown from co workers, friends and my church community, the car was packed and the family goodbyes were made. Me and Kenzie, one of my closest friends, were ready to go!! We knew that we wanted to make a trip out it, but still had to be strategic because she was taking time off work to go with me.

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Making the most out of our road trip was taking Route 66, “the old highway“. Our other option was driving through Kansas and Colorado, but there isn’t enough adventure in that. The map above shows all of Route 66, but we didn’t get to travel the whole highway. Starting in Kentucky, over to St. Louis and down to Flagstaff was our route. From there we circled through the bottom of Nevada and into southern Utah! It wasn’t always what we thought it would be (driving long hours starts to wear on you), and I’m sure there was a lot that we didn’t get to see because it was night when we had driven through, or just because of time. But, we made it work!… Just a minute, before I get too ahead of myself, lets rewind!

From Kentucky to St. Louis: I backed out of the drive way and just sat there for a minute, sweating (I always sweat!) and thinking of all the people¬†I was about to leave behind. My nephews especially. Kenzie was just looking at me patiently from the passenger seat and finally said ‘Morgan, put your foot on the gas’. I took a deep breath, put my turn signal on and we were on our way. It was a rush! Our trip had begun and we were way excited to be on our own.

St. Louis is a beautiful town! Our plan was to visit the Gateway Arch, but it was under construction ūüôĀ So, instead we drove around town admiring all the building, then walked around (It was cold!!) and got some food. After getting our bellies full we left.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma: We didn’t get to see much of Tulsa just because it was night when we arrived it was dark. We didn’t stop yet though! Oklahoma City was out next stop for the night.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: We checked into our hotel for the night, [find out hotel information to link] called our families to let them know we were still amongst the living, showered and ready for bed!

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The next day as we were headed to Amarillo, Texas we visited a¬†rest stop. The best and cutest little gift shop ever (or that we’d ever seen haha)

Amarillo, Texas: We had an awesome day in Amarillo! We visited a national park [picture and link] and saw our first tumbleweed!!!! That was so funnnnyy!¬†¬†We were jamming to some¬†Kenny Chesney’s Young song and saw this tumbleweed rolling across the road and we both stopped singing (with the radio still blaring) and yelled “Tuuuummbbllwweeedd, ahahahhhaa” We also went to the famous Cadillac Ranch and got to spray paint our names on the cars. It was kind of weird when we showed up though because it’s literally ¬†cadillac’s sticking out of the dirt.

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Our next big city was Albuquerque, but the only thing we did there was fill the car up with gas ūüôā We drove all the way to Flagstaff, Arizonia. This was by far the cutest town either one of us had ever been to! It just felt so home like! And our hotel was awesome too, it was a cottage like hotel with animals mounted on the walls, a working fire place in the lobby and old rocking chairs. It resembled a Crackle Barrel, but ever better!

Next stop, The Grand Canyon!! The first time that either one of us had been there. It cost $30 to park for the day,which at first we were disappointed about. However, after we got there, it never crossed our minds for one second. As we were walking up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, both of our mouths dropped open and we both started to cry!! The most beautiful creation that our eyes had ever seen! Literally saying “Wow God, you made this??!?!”

¬†Originally we were supposed to be there for 3 hours… that DIDN’T happen. We were there all day long! We even went down inside of the Canyon for about two hours, the wind was unbelievably pushy. I will say that only thing that I didn’t like about hiking in the Grand Canyon was all the donkey poop. And on the way out some Caribou were taking an evening stroll, not giving a care in the world that there were so many people around. And an FYI, this photo is not zoomed in whatsoever, this youngster was RIGHT next to me car along with several other Caribou of all sizes and ages.

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Keep up the sass, seriously! 

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