Out of 52 ladies only one can be crowned Miss America each year. That means there is a far better chance that you can have a son play in the NFL than a daughter being a contestant in the Miss America Competition! Take that into perspective! Being Miss America isn’t just about false lashes, high hells and a pretty dress. She is about building bridges for all to cross, a voice for every person, ethnicity, culture, and race. She is a holding hand to children, and the elderly. She is the conversation between ‘common people’ and congress. She is to bring awareness to all, about all and for all.

As you know, I have attended every night of Miss America Competition so far, yes there is more than what you just see on television! The preliminary nights are a VERY important portion of the scoring process!

Here is how it works: two weeks before the final night all of the ladies come to Atlantic City, home and birth place of the Miss America Organization. They have a number of activities and appearances throughout that time, such as visiting monumental places throughout the town, the Miracle Walk Fundraiser, breakfasts, lunch-ins and dinners, and the Miss America Competition after party.

The second week all the contestants are separated into three groups (MU Group, Alpha Group, and Sigma Group), all rotating through (recored) interview (25%), talent (35%), evening gown (20%), health /life style (15%), and on-stage question (5%). This is crucial because everyone is being scored, this composite score will determine who will go on in the competition; which fifteen girls will be our Miss America 2017! The name of the game during this portion of the competition is consistency!

These judges are very qualified in scoring the ladies and very aware of the part they play in this competition!

The Judges:

 David Zinczenko– Mostly known for his book ‘Eat This, Not That‘ and 13 other New York Times Best Sellers and launching ‘Women’s Health‘ magazine

Deanna Siller- Former Chairman of the Board for Dance Place, And helping dance soar in Washington, Dc

Debbie Bryant Berge– The first Kansas contestant to ever win Miss America in 1965. An expert in public relations.

Jennifer Caudle- You can call her Dr. Jen! Appearing on television and radio medical shows. Articles published in The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Shape Magazine, and more. She is also Miss Iowa 1999!

Katherine Bailess- ‘Kyle Hart’ on the TV Series ‘Hit the Floor.’ Actress in ‘Anger Management’, ‘Gilmore Girls’, ‘One Tree Hill’, and ‘The Loop’

Nicole Lapin- Former anchor on CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg. Author of New York Times Best Seller ‘Rich Bitch’ 

Rob Bowman- Bachelor of Music Degree. And the right hand man of Elaine Stritch up until her death in 2014.

 Then there is a whole new set of judges! That’s right, the judges throughout preliminary nights are not the same judges you will see on the final night, September 11th, 2016 LIVE on ABC. The new judges get a chance to see a portion of the recorded interviews and from there it’s a whole new competition!

The new composite score from the preliminary nights will be worth 35%, Talent 25%, evening gown 25%, health’ life style 15%, and on-stage question 5%

Live Broadcasting Judges:

Businessman Mark Cuban, actress Sara Foster, singer-songwriter Cole Swindell, former Miss America Sharlene Wells Hawkes, singer song writer Ciera, and Olympian Gabby Douglas.

Hosting Miss America 2017:

Chris Harrison (ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”) returns to host the legendary competition, with Sage Steele (ABC’s and ESPN’s “NBA Countdown”) joining as co-host.

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Keep up the sass, seriously!

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