Lately I’ve been watching what I eat, and when I say watching I’m serious. Netflix documentaries will definitely give you a perspective that you never thought you would have and one that you’ll be glad you are aware of!

Fed Up is a documentary discussing the effects of sugar over the last few decades throughout the USA. There are several WELL QUALIFIED experts on the topic and stories from your normal, average families.

Sugar is literally in almost everything!!

Understanding how sugar works against the body is essential to your decision making skills when it comes to consumption. Sugar digests differently than most substances. Understanding the ins and outs of sugar can make a difference.

Fructose, the ‘bad’ sugar can ONLY be processed in the liver (which is a three part cycle) meaning it goes into overdrive VERY quickly. This causes the pancreas to wake up saying ‘Hold the phone!!’ and starts pumping insulin to bundle all the sugar. This stores fat!

Has it started to click yet?? Sugar+insulin=fat

Insulin, at a high level, can cause blockage to the brain, meaning the feeling of fullness is delayed while eating and the feeling of being hungry before eating. It’s a two way street. That’s why you feel lazy, tired, and HANGRY.

I committed to a 10 day no added sugar detox challenge with my boyfriend Sean and his daughter Maleya. We made a list of things that we wanted to cut out of our diet after watching Fed Up. Our list consisted of the following.

[Insert list]

The first couple of days were hard! I had headaches, cravings and my body felt weak. I couldn’t believe it! I knew that I loved ice cream, but I never thought I, Morgan, was going to have *dare I say it??* withdrawals from sugar!! But, I really did. Sean did too, but his came in the last five days. And as for Maleya, well she’s 13 and loves candy so she had a rough 10 days altogether!

Something else that I became aware was actually reading labels. Everything has sugar: Salad dressings, salsa, spaghetti sauce, lunch meat, dipping sauces, and much much more! Why is it that all these companies add sugar to their products? Because it is good to the tongue and oblivious to the brain, and both of those together mean more money in the corporations’ pocket. (and they have been getting away with it for decades!)

I would highly recommend watching the Fed Up Documentary, I’ll be sure to link a few more good ones at the bottom 🙂 Let’s get the public educated and do something about it!

Forks Over Knives OMG, GMO

 Keep up the sass, seriously!

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