If any of you have been keeping up with my social media you know that I’m in atlantic City, New Jersey this week attending the Miss America Pageant 2017 to support my best friend and little sis, Laura Jones, Miss Kentucky 2016. I haven’t seen her in a long time, two months actually (that’s when I traveled back home to Kentucky to spend time with family and watch her in the Miss Kentucky Pageant)  so this is a really big deal to me that I get to travel and be supportive!

Driving from Southern Utah to the Las Vegas airport then flying to Philadelphia and driving to Atlantic City made for a long day, however the flight was pretty short due to no connections! (I flew with Spirit Airlines, which I will never do again by the way. The hidden fees and lack of negotiation make for a terrible customer service. The flights are really cheap, which is great for everyone, however by the time you pay for your seats, luggage, carry on, and any drinks or food while in flight you might as well have bought the ‘more expensive flight’. )

I had finally arrived at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City and ready to settle in! After napping, all of us girls- Laura’s sitsters and mom, and dad started getting ready for the first night of preliminary competition

This was a Tuesday night and the only people that were going to be there were mostly family members of the contestants, so we all dressed causal.

I wore a maxi skirt and deep purple crop top from Genuine People with black Steve Madden Kierra heels, my hair in light curls, and purple earrings made by Sherri Hill. (I know that it’s probably just me, but I feel like my skirt made me look bigger than I am, does anyone else have this probably when it comes to skirts like that?)

Jeffree Star Watermelon Soda for my lips!!

For some similar crop tops like mine visit here 🙂 Sleeveless Racerback  Scoop Neck Racerback  Short Sleeve Scoop Neck

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Keep up the sass, seriously!

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