There are two particular points I would like to make about the Miss America Pageant 2017.

  1. Production: WOW! There is a lot that goes into a live televised program! It was so cool to see how anxious and rushed everything is off the the screen that sits in my living room. The show only felt 30 minutes long, when actually it was a 2 hour broadcast. Instead of watching commercial breaks I was watching the floor getting wiped down, the camera crews getting in place, the ladies running backstage to change clothes, and the hosts and judges getting touched up. Afterwards, we would get the countdown to start cheering, that’s the part of the show you would see!

2. Judging Process: As mentioned in my Miss America: Did You Know? post there are two sets of judges; pageant qualified judges that are investing in the ladies throughout the week before the final night and the celebrity judges that you see on the televised competition night. I’m honestly a bit salty about the judging process.

The highly qualified judges make the top 15 pick, from there on it’s all up to judges who are not specialized in pageant judging. In my honest opinion, I don’t care if the final night judges are singers, Olympians, or businessmen. What I care about the most is that the judges are experienced in living and breathing pageants. Knowing the ins-and-outs, and truly understanding the environment, either by being in pageants themselves or in the organization for years.

The order of the show: 52 women.

15 in swimsuits.

12 in evening gown.

10 in talent.

7 women left. 4th runner up, 3rd runner up, 2nd runner up, 1st runner up.

3 women standing, only one Miss America.

What I didn’t understand at first- why is talent last? It’s worth 35%, that’s the highest portion of the entire competition. Later that evening, after speaking with a very reputable source, I got my conclusion; the reason why talents are scored last is because the show is only 2 hours long and talent takes up the most time. The less women there are to preform, the more the dramatics can be lengthened when it comes to crowning Miss America herself, also gaining more ratings/viewers if swimsuit *oh I mean Health and Fitness* and evening gown are at the start of the show.  This is NOT all on the Miss America Organization, this is ABC network ‘policy’. It’s about ratings to ABC, and it’s about tradition for Miss America; tradition to be in Atlantic City, so they conform to ABC policy.

Now, let me clarify: I’m not taking away the hard work that is put into the gym, or the countless fittings and money spent for evening gowns… I’m just prioritizing the order of scoring the ladies based on what should matter most. Every pageant girl’s dream is to preform her talent on the Miss America stage, so why not give all top 15 ladies a shot at it!?

3. Location: Ugh, I am so over the tradition of Miss America being in Atlantic City. The boardwalk is not all it’s cracked up to be. Boardwalk Hall is literally located where the *dare I say it* beach bums sleep. I’m not taking anything from the human race, but you would think Atlantic City would ‘clean it’s act up’ on a week like Miss America week.

Also, if the Miss America Organization really wanted to get away from the order of scoring and eliminating the ladies, then why not bid out other locations and have a different network broadcast the program?? There are PLENTY of other greater cities that could hold the Miss America pageant. However, just to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ I can see why they wouldn’t, if it was way easier to keep track of security measures and city connections then that’s a no brainer.

My basic point to the entire pageant is that I don’t feel the Miss America Organization is living up to the expectations of how much they say they care about the job of Miss America. Miss America is an important figure in our country, she builds bridges for all!

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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