Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or culture there are no questions about these influential media icons!

Mandy Hale: You may know her as The Single Woman! I have had first had experience of how motivating, uplifting and inspiring she is from her New York Times bestselling book ‘The Single Woman’ I originally got Mandy’s book from my best friend and little sis Laura Jones, she presented it to me paired with a chocolate bar after being part of the ‘single community’ for months. I will admit, when I read the title of the book I LITERALLY looked at Laura like ‘😐😑… You’re kidding, right?’

It didn’t even take half of the first chapter for me to be in love with Mandy’s insanely quirky, unique, innovative catch phrases and honesty.

Pages 1-2 Foreword from The Single Woman: ‘I was ready to spread my wings, fly solo, and really celebrate my singleness, and I was looking for other females voices out there representing the positive, inspirational joyful side of single life.

Unfortunately, those voices were nowhere to be found. The bookstores offered hundreds of books celebrating love and marriage and parenthood and dating- books instructing you on how to date a man, land a man, keep a man, books detailing how to “get anyone to fall in love with you,” “get married in less than a year,” or even “survive your single life,” but not a word about celebrating your single life.

I checked my TV screen. Nope, definitely not there. There were shows about battling dozens of other women for the affections of one man (who, by the way, wasn’t even that great), shows about dating in the dark, marrying a millionaire, and even winning the heart of a “celebrity”. But absolutely not one show celebrated the journey of the single woman.  I checked the church, and although Jesus himself was a single man, even most churches don’t really know what to do with their singles. They teach class on “preparing for marriage,” “waiting for marriage,” and “praying for marriage,” but what about just honoring exactly who you are in this moment instead of always prepping for the next phase of life.

Why was everyone treating single life as the prologue to marriage instead of a wildly beautiful adventure all its own?’

In just around a year Mandy’s column about being single went from a Twitter page, other social platforms to her e-book and handheld book! You talk about a crazy year!!! Six years later and she has landed two other books, ” I’ve Never Been to Vegas, but My Luggage Has: Mishaps and Miracles on the Road to Happily Ever After” and “Beautiful Uncertainty: Singleness, Surrender, and Stepping out on Faith”

Every young lady, and experienced woman should read the raw material that Mandy brings to the world. Every young lady and experienced woman should understand the value that comes forth from themselves before a man has the chance to be the determining voice of worth. This material can never grow old, but rather always come full circle! This is the kind of material a mother passes to her daughter; an aunt passes down to her niece, and so on. This is the kind of material you read together to strengthen the relational bonds of womanhood.

The Single Woman   I’ve Never Been to Vegas…   Beautiful Uncertainty 

Jefferson Bethke: Famous for his raw talents in the Spoken Word world, Jefferson has churned the religious (and honestly the unreligious) society into digging into what they truly believe in and what drives them in life. Starting off his journey with Why I hate Religion, but Love Jesus opened a huge door for him! After many interviews and articles written about this new voice in the world he finally got the chance to fully explain himself in his book Jesus>Religion. This was his way of not letting people interrupt him when he is explain, not twist his words when releasing an article and ultimately doing what he felt God needed him to do!

In this book you will also find out who the man behind the book is.  From his childhood surroundings, evolving life and his hopes to please his God. You see a true transformation by the time you turn the last page.

Jeff, his wife Alyssa, their two BEAUTIFUL little humans, and dog reside in Hawaii fulfilling all that they feel they need to. Together they have created an environment that makes people brave for what they believe in and bold in their weaknesses. From books, Bible studies, pod casts, live ‘sermons’, and Youtube these two are building bridges for people to welcome the cross into their lives!

Since ‘Jesus>Religion’ Jeff has came out with another book, “It’s Not What You Think: Why Being a Christian Is So Much More Than Going To Heaven When You Die” This book will LITERALLY make you rethink what you ‘know’ about Jesus and Christianity altogether. Now, I’m not a Bible thumper or a preacher, but I will say this: Knowledge is power, so even if you don’t believe in Jesus or Christianity it’s still educational to know the facts about both so you can defend yourself. I dare you to give this book a try! I highly recommend this book to all types of people; Bible study groups, people just looking into religion as a whole, unbelievers, and people who are trying to get curious again about Jesus.

I’ve met Jefferson once, it was at Christian Academy of Louisville, in Kentucky. He was there for 3 days talking and hanging out with the high school students. I was there with some friends that had already graduated and could get me in, I wasn’t going to miss this live appearance! I wanted to see him action, and in the moment. Well, that’s what I got. The real thing, I was very impressed by his public speaking skills and his cohesive ora with the students. He was also open to small talk with me and the girls and take a picture with us after one afternoon.

Here is what I loved most about watching listening to Jeff: What God had to say through him not only spoke to teenagers, it spoke to all generations that were sitting in the room.


You won’t find any lullabies, kumbayas, or sugar coats from Jeff! What he shows to the world is raw, modern, relatable and in- your- face knowledge, advice and discipleship.

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