3:30am- My alarm goes off. Me, my sister Samantha, and my dad, Tim wake up.  I made myself some breakfast: Boiled egg, whole grain and nut clusters, a lot of water, and half of a red Gatorade.

4:00am-  Facebook Live video to all of my friends and family to let them know how thankful I was for all their support! (Also, I told Samantha she had to go back to bed so I could make it lol and dad went back to bed too- he just wanted to visit with me before the race)

4:20am- (Samantha came back out and my mom, Kim, woke up) I got dressed and double checked my fanny pack: Chapstick, earbuds, gel packs, almonds and phone.

4:35am- I took a few photos and then started pacing through my apartment! I was getting really nervous and just wanted to get it over with.

4:50am- My ride showed up and I was on the way to run in my first marathon- my first RACE!

My friend who was driving offered to take me up to the start line, but I told her that I wanted the full experience and decided to ride the bus up to the start line. Well, I got the full experience alright, a huge group of people cut the line for the busses and I ended up being on the 3rd to last bus to get up to the start line area… I got the full experience huh!?  Eventually, I made it to the top. It took way longer than I thought it would, probably because I was nervously talking to myself in third person ‘You trained for this- you are ready!’

At the start line there was a DJ playing music and fire pits everywhere, it was so cold up there!!! It didn’t take me long to jump in and start running.

7:00am- It felt so good to be running and bittersweet that it was almost over. Everyone was so energetic! Afraid to get caught up in all the excitement, I kept to myself (Not that I really knew anyone, lol) I told myself ‘Don’t run too fast. Don’t run too fast!’ constantly that way I would stay on track.

I called Samantha at mile 10 to let her and the rest of the family know they can start getting ready. And then again at mile 15 so they would know when to leave my apartment. I figured that would be enough time for them to drive, find parking and walk to the finish line. I borrowed someones phone at mile 22 (because mine died) to tell my mom I would be there soon!

After that call, I started to drop in time! From mile 22 to the end I cried periodically (and couldn’t breathe as well) because of the emotions that were going through me. I dropped from about 10 minute miles to about 12.5 minute miles 🙁  That was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to push through, but I wouldn’t let myself walk! By that time I made a friend, Ricky. We pushed each other to the end!

Right before the finish line I could hear voices calling me ‘GO MOMO GOOOO!!’ It was my family- in Utah and at the MARATHON!!!! When I saw them I started to cry a lot because I was filled with so much thanksgiving and appreciation for them- and I was so damn proud of myself!

Not only did my family get to see me fulfill a very important commitment, they got to see my new environment and workplace. The week as a whole was a complete blessing to me! They will never know  -I will never be able to express how much it meant to me that they were there! I will never be able to express how great it feels to say ‘You were here’ about them.

img954512  20161001_0809191

                           Me and my mom before the marathon                                   Taken during the marathon by a friend’s mom


Signs that my nephews made since they couldn’t be there for the marathon


My free t shirt, car sticker, and bib number

Blog post on my after thoughts coming soon!! If anyone has any pre marathon/pre long-distance rituals let me know in the Reply box below, I’d love to hear them!

Keep up the sass, seriously! 

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