I can finally say that I am a marathon runner! It’s been a long and tiresome six months! No more 4:30am runs before work, no more forcing myself to drink more water than normal, and no more running filled weekends; I can finally do fun stuff on the weekends… or do absolutely nothing, it’s my choice after all!

If anyone wants an update on why I signed up for a marathon visit here ūüôā


Everyone has been asking¬†“Morgan, are you going to do another marathon? Are you going to keep running?”¬† I can confidently clarify that answer now; My answer to that question is: I’m not sure. Training and running for this marathon was so purpose filled that I can’t see myself training and running again ‘for nothing’. I’ve only been living in southern Utah for about 8 months now and I’d like to explore more, or at least do more of what I have gotten to do. If I keep up with a running schedule, I won’t get those opportunities– I won’t take those opportunities. I would still be waking up early to beat the heat of a southern Utah day and spending my off days recovering. So, maybe in the distant future I would run another marathon, but right now there is still too much that I want to do. So, it’s not priority.

Secondly, I don’t know if I can surround myself with people who ‘can’t‘. What I mean by that is kind of what I meant on my¬†Comfort Zone post¬†and getting from Point A to Point B. I have been so high on life this past week that I know anyone can do anything if they really want to!¬†I’m not trying to be all “If I can run a marathon, you can do anything” but what I am saying is that if you tell me you want something, I will respond with¬†‘it is absolutely tangible if YOU work for it. No one else is going to do the work for you!’

No one can quit that bad habit for you.

No one can get through school for you.

No one is going to go to work for you.

No one will (or should) pay your bills for you.

Running this marathon has really shown me what I am made out of! My goodness, there were days when I did not want to run! But, I never regretted one single step afterwards! Every run I was happy that I got the steps in and that I got it over with. No one regrets a workout, lets be honest!! I just have this feeling of empowerment.¬†There are people who are getting it done in life, those are the people who I want to be around! I want to be with people who are like minded as me, I want to be with the ‘doers’ of life!

“Pain is temporary; quitting is forever” This quote came from an inspirational video titled Running Through Hell¬†(a video that I watched MANY¬†times throughout training)… I’ve had this quote on my wall for months now. I looked at it every day thinking to myself ‘Ugh, I hope that is true!‘ while being so sore and so sleepy. Turns out, it’s true- all six words of it!

After the race was over the only thing I could think about was how I fulfilled a purpose that everyone could see, either through social media or in person! I wanted everyone to know that I was running in memory of #RunForBilly, and that using positive outlets during unfortunate circumstances can get you through anything! With all the feedback during training, the morning of and after the race I know that it showed… I know that it was seen!

I was VERY emotional after the race crying in my mother’s arms. I knew that I was a different person, a person that I was proud of! I wrote this down later that afternoon just so I wouldn’t forget it:”In a moment your life can change; My life changed as soon as I crossed the St. George marathon finish line and this photo was captured. I remember thinking to myself ‘My #RunForBilly campaign has come to an end although it will reside in my heart and soul forever… gosh I’m tired”

After 5 hours, 9 minutes, ¬†39 seconds of running, thinking, and crying I know that I am a better person. No matter what happens in my life, that day- that run- that accomplishment- can NEVER be taken away from me! It’s mine. I’m happy that there are so many people whom I been able to share it with, but I was the runner; I was #7466.


 Picture taken October 1st, 2016

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  1. I had chills reading this. BY FAR my favorite post you’ve written (so far at least). As you know i’ve had a hard time staying on track with my fitness goals, but this post put a lot into perspective. Personal goals are ultimately something YOU, the individual with succeed or fail at. And the outcome is completely up to you. Because of you I’m feeling even more motivated in my journey, and I KNOW I will and can accomplish it. You go girl.

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