My dear friend, Krista, who is stationed at the Vandenberg Air force Base has started a small campaign for hospitalized children for this Christmas season.

This is her platform:

“I thought being in the military away from my family for the holidays was hard. But, then I thought to myself “There are sick hospitalized children who do not get to have Christmas at home with their families either.” So, a ‘co-worker’ and I have organized the idea to visit children in local hospitals (in uniform) to show them support- to show them that, we, also know how hard it is to be away from the comforts of our homes during the holiday. In hopes to brighten their day, we are raising Teddy Bears and taking them as gifts to the children for Christmas. We want each of them to feel special, loved and acknowledged.” – Krista Hefty

This is such a great opportunity on so many levels! I am encouraging EVERYONE to purchase a normal sized teddy bear (or two) and send them to:

341 S Dakota Ave.

Box #114

Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437

Think about all the ways you spend your money: Deals, coupons, sales- everyone can donate at least one a teddy bear!

This would mean so much to the children, their parents and our military!

Also, think about the world that we live in- we need this! Any form of uniting our country is a blessing for generations to come!

Please donate and be apart of this Teddy Bear Program!

When you purchase your Teddy Bear please use #TeddyBearProgram and #SomeSeriousSass on any social media platforms and tag me in it! I’m so excited to hear back from Krista about how the kids loved their Teddy’s! I’ll keep you all posted as well!



Krista Hefty- Vandenberg Air Force Base

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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