The air is changing and bringing the crafting spirits with it!

Crafting is a favorite of mine, I get it from my dad’s side of the family! Even being a young girl I would help my granny Sharron and Aunt Fran sew, bake cookies from scratch, make Christmas ordainments and much more. Sometimes, I would even get to be the ‘helper’ on the big projects. Sadly, I have grown apart from the sewing and baking (Maybe I’ll get back into it one day) but have upgraded from an apprenticeship to the veteran on crafting projects. One thing I know now that I didn’t understand then was that it takes money to craft, so I try to be strategic with which projects I want to tackle.

Usually, around this time, I would be making a fall wreath for my sister or- let’s be honest, AND- my mom (I probably will still make them one later this year when I go home for Christmas) This year however, I switched it up. Living in southern Utah has shifted the opportunity away from the family and passed it along to my bf’s mom this Fall season. I couldn’t resist! Plus, I gotta’ stay on her good side, right, haha!

For all my supplies I went to Michael’s, a very popular crafting store that I’m sure you have heard of 🙂


Here are the items and the cost:

  1. Mini Indian Corn                                      $3.99
  2. Pinecone Bag                                             $5.49
  3. Mini Pumpkins                                           $2.99 (each)
  4. Bundled Metallic Glitter Flowers          $1.99 (each)
  5. Grapevine Wreath                                    $4.99
  6. RBN Lace Leaf                                          $3.99
  7. Ivy                                                               $16.49
  8. Lovers Grass                                             $7.49
  9. Galaxy Gyp Assortment                         $4.99
  10. Lace
  11. *The glue sticks and the glue gun are items that I have had for a long time. However, with both of them together it is pretty inexpensive. You could spend about $20.00 and be good to go!*



Here are the steps I took:

  1. Place and secure the vine around the wreath.
  2. Placed and glued one pumpkin at the bottom of the vine (to hide to ‘handle’ of the vine).
  3. Selectively placed and glued the pinecones, flowers, pumpkins, corn and grass.


  1. Make sure to have small ties to secure items like the vine (or anything else that you would need for your project) They do come in different color for the best results.
  2. Try to find things that you can cut down, you can always take off. I cut the glittery flower’s stems to make them easier to handle.
  3. You need ‘fluffers’ Some of these items are not actually touching the wreath. I have ‘fluffers’ glued between the wreath and the item. I’m sure that they are many types of ‘fluffers’ you could use, mine are tiny little pieces of stems to blend in.
  4. Keep in mind that the wreath will be hanging from somewhere that leads to the outdoors (most likely). There will be wind, and maybe even small little animals that will bother your masterpiece so strap and GLUE that sucker together!!
  5. And speaking of wind, either hanging the wreath from both ends or using little stickers to hold it against the door will help fight against the possible wind damage. 

2016-10-13-11-02-31    2016-10-13-11-02-51

Keep up the sass, seriously!  

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