Pac Sun buy 1 get 2 free sale!! I spent a total of $50.00

All three pieces are made by the Kendall+Kylie brand. I can totally see myself wearing these tops even if it is a bit chilly outside, the thick sweater like material will definetly keep the heat in!!

The middle piece is a romper that I’m thinking I can pair with a cardigan, (or even put a sweater), tights or leggings and boots! Be on the look out!


$4.00 Green tray that I use to hold my sunglasses



$5.00 White tray with a golden owl. I really like this tray a lot not only because of the owl, but because the tray itself looks like wood, just painted white. I’ve been using this to hold the jewelry I take off before I get in shower, or any little clips I may have in my hair.

$3.99 hair bows! Ahh, so in love with these headband! Using them has become apart of my night time routine! I wear them when I’m taking off or putting on make up. It also has come in handy when I know my hair is oily and I’m not ready to wash it😜, with this beauty my hair stay off of my face all night while I’m sleeping! The left headband says “Hello Gorgeous” and the right headband has owls all over it!


$4.00 tote- I mean, do I really need to  explain why I needed this tote??

$16.00 White Fur Rug. I really wanted this rug to help me have a consistent background for my photos and also add a little chicness to my bedroom!

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Keep up the sass, seriously!

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