Everyone is either getting ready for Fall or is ready for Fall, and I’m no different! This year I have decided to paint pumpkins instead of carving them. (I’m not even sure if pumpkin patches exists in southern Utah, haha- I should check on that though!) You may notice some of these props/supplies  from the Fall Wreath I made recently, so keep an eye out!

Here are some pictures and the prices of this project 🙂 *Note: I had a GREAT coupon 😍

  1. Glitter Paint                           $1.49
  2. Pink Paint                               $.50 (Each, they were on sale)
  3. White Paint                            $.50 (On sale)
  4. Small Orange Pumpkin       $2.99
  5. Large Orange Pumpkin       $10.49
  6. Medium White Pumpkin    $5.99
  7. Medium Orange Pumpkin  $5.09
  8. Rocks- From my apartment complex 😂
  9.  I used a small box to add height.





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