I am going on a mini vacation to Moab, Utah!!!

So, I’m here to share some tips on everything camping ūüôā

Do you remember being¬†young and your parents made you clean and you just didn’t understand why they were purposefully ruining your life??😂 Hahhaa Me either! I never understood (or I just didn’t like) cleaning my room. Remember when you just wanted to ‘be me’ and ‘live my [messy] life’- After all it was your¬†room! (you know, that room that you didn’t pay for in any fashion) Or, or… what about this?- How about if your parents were having company¬†over (and for some reason always had to give a tour of the house), and your mom acted like a psychopath if the house wasn’t perfect?? Orrrrrrr, how about when it was time to leave for a vacation (or anything of that sort) and the house cleaning¬†started a week before the trip?

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else but me!!?? 😂¬†If not, here is a video clip of what I’m talking about! [Video Credit: Chris Flemming] I think you’ll get a good chuckle out of it!

Well, I’ve definitely turned out to be that person (I’m not a parent yet) that needs the house- well, I live in an apartment- to be picked up. I now know¬†why my parents¬†made me clean up my room and help clean the house before leaving for any reason they¬†may of had. I couldn’t imagine leaving for¬†vacation with a dirty apartment. And as a matter of fact, when I have company over to my apartment and I haven’t cleaned up, I find myself doing it (and making excuses of why it hasn’t been done) while they are there, taking up time I could be spending with them. You just don’t want any distractions while trying to entertain… And just thinking about coming back to a dirty apartment after a nice get a way makes me absolutely cringe!

Disclaimer: I know some of you with children may think that I don’t fully understand the strength it takes not to strangle the children while attempting- no, while conquering this task… However, I have been an aunt since the age of¬†12, so I do have over a decade of experience with children- 3 nephews to be exact 💙💚💛

Honestly, one of my favorite things to do is make lists! (I get that from Mom). I make a list of everything and stick them anywhere I can think of for many reasons!

  1. It¬†won’t get done if I don’t!
  2.  I have some on my front door, mostly so I remember to take the trash out and/or empty the dishwasher.
  3.  I live on the top floor of my apartment complex with no elevator, so it saves me from making trips up the stairs.
  4.  There are lists in the cup holders of my car from the errands I ran that day.
  5. Daily To-Do list for small tasks that would normally get overlooked until it’s almost too late.
  6.  Multiple calendars, and a scheduler for important dates.

I love lists, it’s actually a great habit to have! (And it doesn’t matter if you write some things twice, that just means it’s important- guilty as charged!)

Backing up to my story from above- ponder¬†about all the unpacking you’ll do when returning home¬†with a clean house verses a dirty house.¬†Unpacking (clothes and supplies). Washing laundry (folding and putting away). Cooking dinner (and cleaning up). Literally cannot imagine walking in the door from an awesome vacation and¬†unpacking over top of household chores! I don’t mean that you should wipe down every window in the house (feel free too though!); but definetly wash dishes, laundry, and countertops; make the beds and vacuum the floors; take the trash out, wipe¬†the bathroom down and clean out the fridge of anything that will expire in that absent time frame. Vacationing can actually take a lot out of you, and also getting back into reality is hard! So make it easier for return¬†ūüôā

Because I’m only packing¬†for myself, I really enjoy it. (I am going with a small group of friends so I chipped in money on other stuff) However, every trip or mini vacation is different, which means pack accordingly. I’m only going to¬†Moab for 4 ¬†fun- packed days, but it’s going to be a little cold (elevation of 4,026).

Here are some essentials that I packed for myself ūüôā


Bi- fold Victoria’s Secret Travel Bad


From top left to bottom right

  1. Neutrogena: Make Up Remover Wipes
  2. Panty Liners
  3. Tampons
  4. Oral- B: Toothbrush
  5. Flossers
  6. Q Tip
  7. Wash Cloth
  8. Bundled: Dove Shampoo, Dove Conditioner, Dove Body Wash, ¬†Vasiline Lotion (I would have gotten Dove lotion as well but did’t have time so I just used what I had- although it really is a good lotion!)
  9. Dove: Deodorant
  10. VS Travel Pouch: Hair ties, Elastic hair ties, Bobby Pins, Headbands
  11. Fresh Scent: All Purpose Wipes
  12. Not You Mothers: Wavy Hair Spray
  13.  VS: Perfume
  14. Beyond The Zone: Volumizing Hair Powder
  15. Scope: Tooth Paste
  16. HydroCortisone: Itch Releif Cream
  17. Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  18. Hair Comb

*I also added my Night Guard- I grind my teeth when I sleep ūüôĀ

¬† Although I packed a lot of hair supply, I probably won’t use much of it. I showered and washed my hair today (Thursday) that way I won’t need to wash it for a few days, besides I’ll only be gone for 4 days- not that long.

Packing Tips with Travel Luggage: This is not hard

  1. Make a list
  2. Clothes for each day and night that you will be gone- and pack two extra outfits.
  3. Mix and match your clothes.
  4. Don’t pack 5 pairs of jeans- I wear my jeans multiple times before even washing them so why pack too many?
  5. Roll your clothes, not fold, in the luggage bag. It saves a lot of space.

Packing Tips with Travel Supply: Also easy, let the guys do it! Jk! Organization AND team work is key here!

  1. Categorize all the supply and put them in it’s own bin(s): Example
    1. Make a list
      1. Kitchen
      2. Bedding
      3. Food and Drink
      4. Gear
      5. Bath
  2. Consolidate as much as possible:
    1. Make a list
    2. I bought a three drawer Sterilite organizer to use for the ‘kitchen’ area at the camp site. Aka: The picnic table
      1. Top Drawer: Eating utensils, dish soap and scrubby,
      2. Middle Drawer: Plates and flex-ware bowls
      3. Bottom Drawer: Paper towels, foil, spices, lighters
  3. Grocery Shopping: Fun and stressful
    1. Make a list: Pre-plan meals, but leave yourself room for one or two options.
    2. You may also want to plan on eating somewhere local that you couldn’t get where you reside now. It’s always a good time trying new foods or going to a local brewery.

NOWWWW it’s time to disconnect from reality! Set up camp, and make a lis….. ohhhh I’m just kidding, go have fun- you’re on vacation!!!

Sasscribe to my blog and check out my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates on how awesome Moab, Utah is!! I can’t wait to share with you all!

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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