Now that the marathon has been over and done with for almost a month now (What? Seriously, that was almost a month ago?!) I have been feeling uninspired about writing. For six months I was sharing my platform that kept so many motivated (and, in return that kept me motivated) about ‘working out’ life when times get tough instead of turning to frowned upon outlets.

The soreness and stiffness has settled and I am fully recovered. However, life has been feeling a little empty without running, without my running friends, and without sharing my #RunForBilly platform. But, I also don’t want running to be the only thing I live for. I want to keep stride with trying new things!

One thing that I do regret during the marathon training was not keeping up with yoga… I was just so tired! So, I’m going to start my New Year’s Resolution early and start going again!

I’ve been in ‘off season’ of working out since the marathon and I can totally tell that my endorphin are not being released, I’m sluggish and the motivation is gone. I need something that will exercise my body and my mind. Yoga will do that for sure!

Also, I’m wanting to find a soccer league to play for in town. Fun fact: Soccer was my first love!

What’s your favorite workout? How do you work through life’s storms? What’s something that you can start today instead of on Jan. 1? Get out and be active! Set the example! Be the example! Every day is a fresh start, not just at the beginning of the year!  I hope that this little piece of my world has given you the courage to step up and out!

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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