Organization is Key

I’m sure that you’ve seen the perfect vanity setups before, you know the ones where everything looks perfectly placed; The ones that don’t have makeup stains on them anywhere, light bulb galore and every shade of lipstick possible; The ones that have clean shiny organizers on them and the only thing you can think about is ‘goals’

Well, I’m hear to tell you, that’s not me, lol. (YET) I used to have a small dark cherry wooden vanity that came with a stool though, in my old room at home.  It was passed down from my sister. It was never tidy. I was always running late and never had time to clean it up.

Now, I have moved into an apartment that doesn’t leave me room for room for a vanity. My vanity used to be my little [messy] place that I loved and became adventurous with hair and makeup. I do miss it! Also, I hate standing up while I’m getting ready! Literally cannot stand it, so for the most part I sit on the floor while I’m getting ready.

To organize my makeup, I have different pouches. One big one for the bulk of it and a smaller one that I cling to for traveling purposes.

For accessories, I have jewelry boxes that keep all earrings, bracelets, watches and necklaces. These are awesome for traveling!! I got these for about $7 each at the craft store 🙂


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