Thanksgiving Family Traditions, 2016


Photo Credit: Tom Whalen’s ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’, Google images

Unfortunately, not all family gatherings are like the ones advertised on commercials. Many homeless people go to shelters, there are families that don’t speak at all, and not everyone has the huge driveway overflowed with cars at a huge house with a huge dining room table with a huge turkey placed perfectly as if it were an actual center piece.

There is usually tension between family members from past or present circumstances, or absentee family members because of traveling distance. However, there are the holiday gathers where you know that no one wants to be there, but you show up because ‘Granny doesn’t have much time left, so we better make it count for her’ or ‘Well, let’s just go to say we went and we can leave early if we want to.’ (Remember that movie Krampus?)

I’ve been blessed with the gift of many great Thanksgivings, where everyone pitches in to make it the best it an be. My Thanksgiving tradition food is the usual: Turkey, ham, 3 styles of potatoes, corn, green beans, and several options for desert. And it’s always my immediate family – Mom, Dad, Samantha (my sister), Brian (Samantha’s husband), my 3 nephews, Christian, Corey and Cole, and my Papaw. Some years my aunt Lea and her gf Jay will come too. Then, after we are done eating and cleaning up we’ll go visit my Granny. (Although, some years we go the day after.)

This year’s Thanksgiving, however, is going to be VERY different for me. I will be traveling with my bf to visit his extended family in Portland, Oregon. I’ve never been there, and I haven’t been to a bf’s family gathering in a long time.

As you all know from my early posts,  I moved to southern Utah in Feb, 2016, so this year has been challenging for me. A part of me feels sad about not going home (in Kentucky) for Thanksgiving when I’m flying to Portland. But, I decided that going home for Christmas would be the smarter choice. Plus, my bf bought my flight ticket to Portland. Score!

I am also feeling scared that I won’t be with my family for the holiday. If any of you recall my #RunForBilly platform, you know that my Papaw and my Granny both passed away this year. So not only will I be without ANY family for Thanksgiving; my family will have to be without my Papaw, my Granny… and without me 😥.  (Like I said, this year has been very challenging for me.) Face time will just have to suffice this year.

What’s funny to me is remembering 10 year old Morgan thinking ‘Gosh, 20 something year olds are so cool and have it all altogether.‘ Now that I’m 24, I realize they were probably just trying to find themselves as much as I am right now. I mean, do we really ever have it altogether?!

Death is apart of life, people make plans and break plans, circumstances change, the mindset changes, feelings change. Life is this never ending recycling symbol, and the most beneficial thing with that is a little love, faith, consideration, and dedication can make for a beautiful and overflowing 100% turn around for the human life, God’s children, and the planet He has given us. Now, I’m not taking anything away from all the good of the world, but let’s not be gullible- how great would it be if the recycling symbol was rotating by what I just mentioned??!!

If any of you are feeling an unease about your Thanksgiving holiday (or have a story of a past year), please feel free to share! I would love to read and fellowship with every one of you! After all, we all want to feel accepted and appreciated in a community and I would love for this space to be one of those for you 😊


Photo Credit: Google images

Keep up the sass, seriously! 

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