Thanksgiving Food Series, part 1

For this series I will be letting you all in on some secrets for Thanksgiving! Coming from a family who likes to grow, string, and can their own green beans here is a special treat from me to you!


Granny Brown’s Greasy Green Beans are a signature dish in my family. There is no such thing as a Thanksgiving dinner without it. She was never one to really hide her recipes from anyone, she was a ‘spread the wealth’ type woman. Now that she has passed away, I’m here to carry on her Green Bean treasure!

Note: This recipe is for 3 quarts of green beans.

Supple: Stovetop. Water. Cooking pot. Spoon. Empty belly.

Ingredients: Green Beans. A big dollop of bacon grease. Onions. Salt and pepper.

Directions: Add green beans, bacon grease, 1 medium sweet onion- chopped (A sweet onion is a little easier on the eyes when you are cutting it. Water can help, but not much) into a cooking pot that can hold 3 quarts of ingredients, then fill water with water until the ingredients are covered by 1 inch of water. Let most of the water boil out of the covered pot on medium heat. Repeat this process once more or until the beans are tender enough for your liking. Stir occasionally while adding salt and pepper, then enjoy!

This side dish… or if your like my family sometimes it’s a main dish #SorryNotSorry – is so mouth watering you won’t understand how you ever lived without it!

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