A Christmas Theme

Who to buy for? What to buy them? What do they like? Have they grown out of that yet? Are they too old for that? Are they old enough for that? How often will they really play with this toy? Will they get this gift from someone else too? 

This seems to be the Christmas theme I am dealing with this year! Is there anyone out there that can relate? I feel like the older I get the more obligated I am to buy so many gifts for too many people! And honestly, Christmas is slowly becoming less of my favorite time of the year because of it. Sometimes I just wish that family and friends could gather, fellowship and eat a good meal for Christmas to be awesome- kind of like two Thanksgivings.

Instead, it’s about bribing your kids to have good behavior between the months of October- December or else they get a lump of coal for Christmas (and even if they are bad, lets face it, they still get their gifts). Or, we use it as an excuse to get something out of the price range any other time of the year. There are people getting killed on Black Friday for material things! There are people who will go into debt because of Christmas shopping but won’t even donate a $10 gift for a child at the Christmas Angel Tree Program in the mall. The gimmicks that we as a society fall for are mind blowing! Do commercials really have that much control over us?  Why do we spend so much money and not enough time and effort? Does money equal happiness? Does money equal love?

Now, I’m not throwing shade at anyone who buys gift for Christmas, I do it too! But, I am challenging everyone to take a second look at the big picture for Christmas and change up the theme ❤️ Plus, I know the feeling of wanting to get someone something a little extra special once a year.

After much debate, with myself I may add, I’m choosing to celebrate Christmas this year with a different theme- Christmas Stockings for almost everyone! 😍 They are cute, affordable, reasonable, reusable and still customizable! The weight has totally lifted off my shoulders sense coming to terms with this decision.

For the most part stockings are filled with candies, socks, undies, and more. However, this year I plan on making my stockings personalized for each individual who gets one while still being meaningful and thoughtful! Stay turned to see just how I do that, and also follow suite!


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