How To Buy For a Guy Who Has Everything

Gosh, I know that I have said this so much in my blog posts, but this year has been so challenging and different for me! I moved across the country for a new job, ran a marathon, started a blog, started a YouTube channel and I have a bf, which is probably the scariest of them all! I haven’t had a bf in such a long time! What do you do with them? Feed them and take them out to pee? JK!!

Side note: Sean has only been introduced to about 3 of my friends, because they are all in Kentucky, and they have all said “It’s so weird that you have a boyfriend Morgannnnn!” and I’m all like “I know, right! Tell me about it!” in true disbelief.

Now, let me be clear- I know in that last post The Christmas Theme I challenged everyone to look at the overspending and the hype of Christmas, but I also stated that I know the feeling of wanting to get someone something special once a year.

Also, from that post, you know that I am going with a Christmas Stockings theme this year…Well, now I have no clue what to put in Sean’s stocking! I mean, the guy has everything and makes a decent living. Most of the time when wants something he buys it anyway, it’s so frustrating! (First world Problems)

He has tools, everything for his Jeep. (Which would be out of my price range anyway- It’s a Jeep thing) He already owns all the video games he loves, which is only two (thank goodness!). He is picky. And not to mention, he hates returning anything, so if I get him something he doesn’t like, he won’t even return it and use the money for something that he would like instead. Plus, when I ask him about a Christmas gift he responds with ‘You don’t have to get me anything.’  What the heck am I supposed to do with all of that!?

With that said, I do still want to get him some goodies for his stocking this year. But, I don’t know how to buy for a guy who has everything.

Here are some things that I have come up with:

Cologne. Sunglasses. Flask. Wool socks. GoPro Battery. Candy.

Let me know if you are rowing in the same boat that I am and what you are thinking about getting our significant other for Christmas! I need all the ideas that I can get!


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