How I Feel About Benefit Cosmetics

For as long as I can remember makeup has always been a big deal to me. Not because I think I look ugly, but because I think it is so much fun to be adventurous and crazy (and relaxed/natural) when it comes to makeup. Pretty sure it started when I was about age 10 or 11- that would put my sister in her early teenage year. I always wanted to be just like Samantha, so when she wore makeup I wanted to too. (I remember trying to put eyeliner on my bottom lids and I could never get it even so I would just make it REALLY thick on the bottom and then wipe most of it off so that way it would look even.)

My love for makeup hasn’t changed much over the years. I have ventured with a lot of products and techniques- mostly drug store items- but hey, got to start somewhere!

In the past year though, I started trying Benefit cosmetics products and the more I use them, the more I love them!!(You know that from my Instagram and YouTube channel) Every time I have gone into an Ulta Beauty store to purchase a Benefit product it has always been an awesome experience full of a lot of choices!

I wish that I could have every product they have, but more times than not I have to budget when (wanting) buying makeup. So, my collection of Benefit is not huge, but the products that I do have, I love!! And that’s what matters.

However, I did get an Ulta gift card for Christmas this year, so you can bet I will be purchasing some Benefit products in the near future!

Here are the products that I own:

From Left to Right:

The PORE fessional- This product minimizes the appearance of pores, leaving your face with a clear and flawless finish.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil- With this double sided product your brows will look fuller than ever. (In this Picture) The top side is a twistable application that holds the flat-edged brow pencil in place while shaping. The bottom half is a bare wand. This will allow you to shape, fill and smooth the brow. Not only is this product a 2 in 1 in itself, but it can also assist in any style brow you like- natural or defined.

BAD gal lash- This is definetly in my top 3 for best mascara ever!! The wand is huge in size and bristles! It comes in regular and waterproof, so you can apply this product for any occasion. What I love most about this product is that the wand does NOT have a flex head. I know that I am getting down to the root of my lashes with this wand

they’re Real BIG SEXY Lip Kit- I’ll be honestly, I’m in the middle of a product review on this kit, which will be finished in about a week. So, I will have more detail on this later. (However, I am wearing the color Lusty Rose right and I love it! Haha. Go figure!)

 Until next time, Mo

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