I think I speak for everyone when I say “I have a love-hate relationship with my hair”. It’s inevitable, if you have long hair you want short hair; if you have curly hair you want straight hair. In my case, I have very course hair and would just like to be able to tame the beast!- actually, my cowlick’s name is ‘The Beast”- so I would just like to get all the frizz out of my hair! It’s bad, I mean like, really bad. And I have to say, the only one the blame for the damage is myself 🙁

The past six month have been a civil war above the shoulders, between brain and hair. It seems to grow outward just about as much as it grows downward. I love that my hair is getting length, however I just wish that it didn’t look like Troll Doll hair!

Being a natural blonde, my hair has always had texture, (and still to this day can hold a curl for days!) but as I got older my beautiful blonde locks started changing into what is called, in the blonde world, “Dirty Dish Water Blonde”, yuck right! It wasn’t until then that I started thinking about coloring my hair. After I turned eight-teen I decided to start exploring with my hair (my mother was so upset with me). I think that every girl (and some guys) go through a phase of finding themselves through their hair color/cut. While others, never stop exploring the possibilities with hair just because it’s fun. On the flip side, you can always tell when a girl is making a change in her life, a simple hair cut can determine a new era! (I can remember friends in high school using hair color/cut to ‘get over a guy’… sounds silly, but somehow it works!)

I started putting more blonde in my hair because I wanted that nasty water look out of my life, but being a blonde is hard work! (not to mention it’s pricey!) Next, I decided “If my hair is turning more toward brown I’ll start exploring with some darker colors for my hair.” and before you know it I was a full brunette.

I was in love, and the war was over… or so I thought. My hair felt softer, I was getting attention and compliments for my new look. I even got new extensions to wear. On the flip side there was no depth to my hair in pictures. I remember thinking ‘Will there ever be a happy medium, or will society always make me feel like I need to keep up?’

Although, I was putting color in my hair and not pulling it out, I didn’t figure in that being a brunette was hard work too! I’ve never been a girl who goes in every six weeks for a hair touch up, so I bought some root touch up spray (constantly) until I decided to go back into the hair salon. (probably about every 9 weeks)

Between the ages of 18- present, I have been about every shade of color in between blonde and brunette, (not to mention the new style of ombre and grown out roots have become popular)

So, back to the top when I said ‘The past six month”, well I have changed my hair routine up quite a bit. Who would have guessed? 😉 This time, not with color but with style. A healthy style. A style that barely requires heat and a lot of coconut oil and argan oil! That’s right, peace will be restored in the kingdom that sit high on these broad shoulders! I’m leaving my hair alone for a while, I’m not going to add ANY color until both parties, brain and hair, have fully recovered from the damage that I have caused. After all, if history has taught me anything it’s that only time will tell and heal all things.

My new healthy hair lifestyle includes no heat! This includes using the flat iron, blow drying, and curling barrels- unless it’s an ’emergency’. It only makes the frizz stand out even more than it already does. Instead, I have been putting oils in my hair and using the dryer on the Cool Air setting just enough to get the wet out, then I leave it alone!

Some advice I have gotten so far is to: get my hair trimmed every 5 weeks, start taking prenatal vitamins and use organic hair treatments. (I actually got some from Lush for Christmas, just haven’t used them yet)

Here are some pictures of my hair over the years 🙂 Enjoy! If you have any other suggestions leave a comment below, I’m taking all the advice that I can get! Also, tell me a monumental time when you changed your hair, I would love to hear about it!

 Until next time, Mo


  1. Your mother still says… stay as natural as you were the day you were born. My beautiful little blondie. Love you!

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