How I Get The Biggest Bang For My Buck

Everyone wants to get the biggest bang for their buck, right? But, everywhere you look there is something saying “Purchase me” “No, buy me!” “Hey, I’m 50% off”. Lately I have been trying to spend my money more wisely than ever before with the products that I want. Of course, it’s always fun to splurge a little here and there, or use that gift card for something that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. (Shout out to my sister for the Ulta Beauty gift card!!)  You want your products to last and be worth the purchase, so I’m here to help you with some tips that I have learned over the years and more recently.

Lashes- I always use a bare wand to brush my lashes out before applying any product to them. (I usually snag one at the beauty store) This allows all the eyeshadow fallout to be brushed away, voids any cross hairs that will cause mascara to clump and give my lashes full potential to be at their best.

Mascara- When it comes to mascara, you never want to pump the wand in and out of the bottle before applying to the eye lashes. I used to do this because I thought that it would help the wand get more product on it. But, that was doing just the opposite. Doing this lets air flow into the bottle causing dryness and clumping inside of the bottle. What good would that expensive tube be after that?!

Face Wash- There are two tips for this 🙂 1. Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash is a very popular item in my bathroom! What I love most about this product is that it’s very gentle, hydrating for skin and it’s tear free. That’s right, no crying when taking off eye makeup, and you can really get to the roots of your lashes!!  It’s really is a favorite of mine when it comes to face washing!

2. Oil Cleansing has become very popular in social media as of 2016, just search around on YouTube for it… if you don’t already know what I’m talking about. To be clear, I haven’t ventured out too much when it comes to oils, although I want to soon. (2017 goal? I think so!) However, I do use coconut oil and let me tell you.. genius! I’ll let the hot water and steam from my shower open the pores on my face, then take a very small (it doesn’t take much) hand full of the coconut oil and layer my face with it, then use my Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa to really get my face clean. You may think putting oil on your face will make it worse, but oil pulls out oil and dirt, give it a try!! I promise gals (and guys) my face NEVER feels dry and flaky sense starting this new cleansing routine.

Coconut Oil- Speaking of, lol. I use coconut oil for more than just cleaning my face. I use it to hydrate my body as well. Just the other day I used a spoon full in my bath water and let my skin soak it up before shaving my legs. I didn’t have to use any creams/body wash for my legs while shaving because the oil makes a smooth base for the razor to glide over. (P.S. as a bonus it keeps the razor’s blades sharper for longer)

Coconut oil is also good for strengthening and hydrating hair. When I get out of the shower I comb some through my hair with my fingers, then with my Wet Brush to ensure that I have an even amount throughout my hair. (Note: I try not to get too close to the top of my hair or the part. This can leave the hair looking greasy and unclean. Bonus: Then I use my dryer on cold air. That way I’m not damaging my hair with heat right after I’m trying to make it better with coconut oil)

Vaseline- This is a ‘newby’ for me. My best friend Laura actually got me into using Vaseline. She has used it forever on her lips before bed and in the morning (also, throughout the day if she doesn’t have another product on her lips). Now, I have started carrying it around with my everywhere I go and it makes my lips feel better than ANY lip balm could. Most Lip Balm/ Chapstick have one of the three ingredients: camphor, Phenol or menthol. These ingredients make lips feel great when first applied, but quickly drys out. Therefore, making the buyers use more…therefore, making the buyers buy more. Vaseline is the way to go, I’m telling y’all!!

Crest 3D White Strips- Whitening teeth has always been a little weird for me. Not sure why, I just never got into it. However, I’m taking a trip to Mexico soon (end of Jan 2017) so I started using these just to pamper myself a little bit for the vacation… There is NO WAY I will ever get my teeth whitened at the dentist. I love these strips! You can leave them on anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour and besides a little irritation (that is normal) you’re good to go! Also, using the mouth wash and toothpaste that is recommended with it will help during and after the strips are all used up! Happy whitening! (I’ll do a product review on my YouTube channel, Morgan Ann, so you can view that)


There you have it! I hope these beauty hacks will help you make the most out of the hard earned money!! Also, I will take any suggestions you have when it comes to beauty hack, let’s always pay it forward! Let me know in the comments below if you end up trying any of these tips and you love them (or hate them) or even if you add a twist to them!

 Until next time, Mo

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