Travels As A Child

I’ve been in Mexico for and can’t wait to share that experience with you all! But, before I start getting into the details of beautiful Mexico, I want to back track a little. (Anything for you all to know me better!!)

Growing up, my family never took that many vacations. There were many factors: I played soccer, my sister had two children, my granny was never in the best health, and both of my parents worked Monday- Friday. That’s a packed schedule!!

The only traveling I did as a child was to and from soccer games/ tournaments and the occasional camping/ fishing trips to our regular spots. (Once soccer started to be serious for me it cut into a lot of other activities) When I first moved out to Utah I saw a lot of them in myself. I’d think the rocky land was ugly instead of it’s own kind of beautiful (Unless I was at Zion or Moab) or speak ill towards the cultural differences. Now, I just except differences and encourage individuality more than I ever have.

All I want to do is visit more places that I have never been! This was my first international vacation, and now that I have a passport… Watch out world!

 Parents always say “It’s all worth it in the end.” when it comes to sacrificing for the people they love, especially their children. For the most part, I know that my parents don’t regret their decisions when it comes to vacationing- or not vacationing in this case. They are very set in their ways, finding it hard to see beauty in things/ places that they don’t already know and inviting opportunities of pure experience. Now, that I have ventured a lot in the past year, It makes me sad they’ve never really cultured themselves by traveling. However, I am eternally appreciative for and of their family dedication and I will always miss the moments of watching them watch me on the soccer field, and baring witness to developing grandparents and caregivers to their elders. They truly are a power couple when all the water boils out of the pot.

 My next post will be about my vacation to Cabo, Mexico! Be ready for that on Saturday!!!

Until next then, Mo 

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