Cabo, Mexico


I’m so excited to finally share this memory with y’all! Cabo was definitely an experience that I will never forget! My first international vacation and also my first vacation with a bf in a looooong time!!

I can’t even pick what was my favorite part of the trip. The food was perfect, the sand, the ocean water, the resort we stayed at! Oh, and the locals… sweetest people ever! They were so willing to help out with anything anyone needed!!

We also went on a cruise for one day. My first cruise, it went pretty well. However, I did get a little sick and thought I was going to hurl until I had something to eat! After I ate I went right back to the top of the cruise ship so I could stay in the fresh air! False alarm!! Haha

In the dock area there was a Sea Lion local! He was really cute and would jump on the back on people’s boats and beg for fish to eat. (It makes me sad that he – his name is Poncho- is domesticated, but Idk if I would be able to help myself either) Then, when he had a fish in his mouth, would jump in the water and all the birds would fight him for it.

Then, a couple of days later, a handful of our group took a small boat out to visit all the Sea Lions out on the rocks and just see the landscape in general… Suck a beautiful place! A lot of the rocks there reminded me of Utah!

It was pretty cool using pasos! The conversion right now is about 20 pasos to 1 US dollar. There were times when we had to triple check our math – and by ‘we’ I mean Sean haha – but there, you can also mix the money. By that I mean, if you have dollars and pasos you can mix the money as long as it comes to the right amount that needs to be paid. I thought that was really weird, but hey, whatever works. I brought some pasos back with me and plan to send the my nephews! They feel like Chuck E Cheese money to me, lol.



Until next time, Mo 

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