Photo Shoot Tips

Disclaimer: I am not a model BUT A SISTER CAN TRY!!!!

For starters, always have a trusty friend with you that gives great advice and direction. Someone that you can be yourself with. Someone that will tell you about that booger hanging out of your nose 😉

Secondly, consider the lighting/ atmosphere. Overcast days are the best lighting, so either on a cloudy day, rainy day or about an hour before sunset. (You’ll still want to show up about two hours before sunset that way you know you aren’t going to miss any prime lighting. You may also need that extra time to pick a spot, get set up, etc.)

Dress appropriately. You wouldn’t wear your stilettos down to the beach, or wear clothes that will not flatter you, right?!?!

Be yourself. Granted it takes a little time to get comfortable in front of the camera , but don’t shy from the things that make you you. Remember, you are among people that are trust worthy.

Look at yourself, model in the mirror. Know what ‘face’ you like best on you. I personally don’t think that my eyes are even. My right eye always seems to be a little smaller than my left. Before a picture is captured I remind myself not to squint as much – while still trying to look natural – so that my right eye will relax and look ‘normal size’. Hopefully one day I can do that without having to think about it so much.

Play around with different edits. Experimenting with lens blur or changing the camera setting based on atmosphere can make a picture look completely different by adding so much depth and personality.

LASHES. That is all. Lol But really, even if they bother your eyes. Push through it for the two hours that they’ll be worn. I absolutely LOVE lashes! However, I walked right into the bathroom and pulled those suckers off when I got home! Haha

Bring essentials. Hair brush, mirror, lip product, change of clothes, and anything else that you can think of. I had some frizz going on but, I still love the pictures and will take my own advice for the next time. On the flip side, I know that my hair gets frizzy, so I’m just embracing that there is only so much I could have done 😉

This next one is a personal must for me. Make the body seem longer than it is. If you’re posing while sitting down, point your toes a little more, chin up a little more and show off the neck line. Thank you Tyra Banks, I learned so much from ANTM day! Hahaha 😉

Make funny faces! You can’t be serious the entire time!

You don’t always need a high quality camera and equipment, especially when first starting out. Really take the time to explore and create to see if it’s what you like before spending money on something that will never get worn out. All photos here were taken with an iPhone 7, iPhone 6, or Google Pixel phone.

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Until next time, Mo

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