10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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People change over a period of time. Some might see that as weird, but I see it as growth and a down right necessity. Change is needed! Here are 1o things that you may not know about me, even if you have known me for a long time!

  1. I stress. A lot. I stress about stress. I stress when there isn’t any stress because… well, because it’s weird and I know that the ‘catch’ is coming any minute now.
  2. I’m not dirty- I’m messy. My clothes may not be folded or put away and my bed may not be made (although, that is something I’m working on) but I definitely don’t have plates of food and cups sitting everywhere in my room!
  3. Toilet paper goes over, not under. And if… when I notice the toilet paper at your house is ‘under’- I will fix it before I use it!
  4. I have become more sensitive. My feelings get hurt; I need snuggles in my life; words of affirmation are wanted.
  5. I feel inferior a lot of times. When I’m out shopping with a group of my friends I never want to pick anything up because I feel like they have better style than me and will notice. I look at what others are doing and think to myself ‘Why am I not a better me?’ 
  6. I want to go to esthetics school.
  7. I love being there for people. My friends mean the world to me! <3
  8. I get WAYYY emotional when I feel like I’ve been treated better than I think I deserve.
  9. I like lists. I make lists for everything! I make a list about making lists. (Sean, my bf, thinks it’s so funny, but cute.) Checking off To-Do’s is the best feeling ever! (Thanks Mom!)
  10. I want to be a full time blogger so badly!

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Love you who support me and except me for who I am!

xoxo, Morgan

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