Inexpensive Acts That Make Someone Feel Special

This post is inspired by my boyfriend, Sean, who is going out of town. I thought that I would do some things for him to make him feel special and let him know how much he will missed. Although, these don’t have to be done just because someone is leaving, it could be because he/she has been working really hard lately, working some over time, did something special for you, or just because you feel like it. Going out of your way to make someone feel a little more special is food for the soul, in my opinion. Therefore, I want to share some of the things I did for Sean to make him feel more special than normal, AND they were very inexpensive. Here are some ideas for your SOS 🙂

  1. Take a picture with (and frame it)
  2. Go to their favorite restaurant
  3. Make their favorite meal
  4. Make the bed
    1. Honestly, I can’t just make the bed. Once I start cleaning, it just takes over!! So, you can also just help your SOS by cleaning their space and helping them get ahead of their day/life.
  5. Write a letter (and hide it somewhere for them to find)
  6. Look extra pretty that day (and let them know that you wanted to be pretty for them)

In Sean’s case, because he was going out of town, I did some other things to help him with that.

  1. We went to the outdoor store and got him a new water bottle
  2. Helped him pick which clothes he should take
  3. Load the Jeep up
  4. Gave him my insulated hot/cold small cooler to use (to keep in the Jeep while he is on a trail so his waters and snacks stay cold)

(No, I did not buy Sean pink roses. He got me these for Easter. I just thought they would be a nice touch for this photo. However, the picture and the note are from me)

Going out of your way to do something special for someone not only makes them feel great, it also does something in your inner being! You see pictures all the time of missionaries or adoption parents say “They think I’m changing their life, little do they know they are changing mine” As corny as it sounds, I TOTALLY believe them. Helping people is apart of everyone’s calling, even if you don’t think it is.

You don’t need a ton of money to make someone feel special. You could be a mailman, plumber, photographer, doctor, blogger, or a copper smith… those are still acts of service that are helping people. I know that it’s hard to put the ‘daily grind’ thought behind you and think that you are helping people, but you are. Be proud of that. Be proud to achieve acts of service! Be proud of acts of service while you are providing for your family. *Double Bonus*

I also made a short video about this subject. Click HERE to check it out 🙂

Xoxo, Morgan Ann

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