A New Chapter – No A New Book

Ugh, so sorry that I have been a little MIA… You would think with this exciting news I’m about to tell you that I would have already told you already!!

When I started my blog I had a goal to be in business for myself, with the service of helping others, but it does take a long time to get a blog ‘get off the ground’, I had to also think about what I love to do and what that environment looks like . No matter what I came up with, there was the same denominator: To B.Y.O.B; Be (Your) My Own Boss.

I can finally say that I am starting a new chapter in my life that I know I will do just fine in, better than fine actually! I have started taking classes at an esthetics school! The Skin Institute to be exact. And so far, so good!! The classes are great and I don’t even feel like I’m in school (Although, there is A LOT I am learning)

Taking this step in life will be opening up new doors for me. It’s teaching me about being a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a caregiver, an educator, networker and much more!

This avenue corresponds perfectly with everything that I love- makeup, skin care, mental health, cleanliness, essential oils, anatomy, fashion and energy healing! I’m very confident in my ability to succeed in this field, and as a bi product I am able to make people feel their very best; illuminate their very best; and experience a very powerful connection with them- Even if it brings out our inner weirdo 😉

Once established with enough education in the field of esthetics, the goal is to have my blog moving right along. However, I will still incorporate my teachings in my posts. I will be able to reach a wider audience and work with some pretty awesome human beings (or aliens)!!

I am dedicating one blog post a week on my new adventure and what I am learning to keep you all updated and hopefully bring in some clientele 😉 I would love to say the same about making YouTube videos, but there is a lot of stuff that I cannot film… and let’s not forget- I am in school, so no phones!!! (Whattttttt?!?!)

I love love loveeee you all, my subbies! Wish me luck and comment below with any advice you have for me!!





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