Wow, I can’t believe I have been a human for 25 years! It definitely does not feel like I have!

My real birthday is on May 29th, however I didn’t think hosting my birthday bash on Memorial weekend would have been such a good idea because everyone and their mom would have be¬†out of town! So, I had my party a weekend early ūüôā

I was really inspired by Coachella this year and wanted to do something similar to that for my party to spice things up. I didn’t want everyone over at my apartment being the same ol’ person they are Monday through Friday. I wanted some ‘conversation pieces’ that would bring out the creative side!

I LOVED my ‘Music Festival’ outfit for my party!

¬†I wore an off the shoulder light lavender colored top with a Choker that was UNBELIEVABLY comfortable. I really thought the choker¬†would have pinched my skin a little bit throughout the night but it didn’t whatsoever and I got SO MANY compliments on my clothes! My other accessories included a watch and bracelet set featuring the letter ‘M’, earrings from Fossil, some festive beads, feathered boas, glow sticks and sequence dots across my brow bone!!

I’m so so so so happy that I could team up with Shop Settlement for my birthday bash. Tiffany and her team have been nothing but overwhelmingly accommodating to me needs for this party. They¬†really took the time to think about what would look best for my party!! I had everyone asking me where I got my top and necklace at. It felt so good being able to promote a company that I personally love! Shop Settlement is all about good vibes and¬†expressing your true self to the rawest form, no matter what form that may come in 👽 ¬†which complimented the theme of my party perfectly.


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