Many of you know about the beauties of Southern Utah, BUT what you don’t know is that one of my best friend’s, Brit, from home (Kentucky) came to visit me this past weekend and I got to show her around this beautiful place that I live!!!!

I love when friends come to visit for a couple of reasons: It’s not very often; and it helps me get out of the house. Sometimes it easy to forget how awesome my surroundings are when on I’m on the daily grind. I took Brit to Snow Canyon State Park, The Grand Canyon, Zion’s National Park and a nice crawl in the Jeep with my BF and his best friend.

Lately, my life has been A LOT of school and work. Hiking, fresh air, exercise, and spending time with someone that I have known since I was 14 is just what the doctor prescribed!


LITERALLY can’t believe how beautiful and diverse our planet is!!

Now… I have a big secret for you! There is a back way to The Grand Canyon! That’s right- no gift shops, no crowds, no parking lots, no entree fee, and no fences. It takes 2.5 hours to get there from StG. There are only a few rules: Can’t go in until after the sun rises and you have to be out before the sun sets. (unless you reallllly want to pay for an overnight pass)


Lastly, I took Brit to one of the most sought out locations in all of America, Zion’s National Park!!

Well, Sean went with us 🙂


Looking back at these photo makes me tired already! I completely wore myself out this past weekend! But, every single step was worth it! Hiking inside of The Narrows Canyon was checked off my bucket list, btw!! It was so amazing!!

Well, that’s all for today! Thanks for stopping in! Leave a comment down below if you have ever been to, or want to go to Zion’s National Park!







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