Wax Modalities

Esthetician school had been absolutely satisfying. I have been learning SOOO much (which I feel like I will be repeating a lot lol) and can’t help but to share with you!

Here are some fun things I have been learning about in school 🙂

  1. Egyptian tombs, indicate that abrasive materials such as pumice stones were used to rub away hair.  (Greek and Roman women used similar methods)
  2. Native American may have used sharpened stones and seashells to rub off unwanted hair.
  3. Ancient Turks used a chemical method- yellow sulfide made of arsenic, quicklime and rose water.
  4. Trichology is the study of hair and it’s diseases.
  5. We have three types of hair throughout life: Lanugo hair is our baby hair that either turns into Vellus hair or Terminal hair. Vellus hair is the peach fuzz on our bodies. Terminal hair is the hair on our heads, brows, genitals, arms and legs.
  6. The hair follicle can have 2 or 3 hair shafts occupying that one follicle. They can also be at different stages of growth. That’s why you feel like you need to shave often, because a new hair is coming up.
  7. There are two main types of waxes used for hair removal: Soft wax and hard wax.
  8. Hard wax is thicker than soft. It’s used for sensitive areas on the body such that genitals. Hard wax only sticks to the hair, not skin.
  9. Soft wax. It’s used on broad areas such as the arms and legs. It usually works faster than hard wax because it’s easier to manipulate on the body.
  10. Wax strips are only needed for soft wax.
  11. Always wear gloves. Always clean the area with Witch Hazel. Always sooth the skin with oil before waxing so the skin will not tear as easily, (because it can happen) unless it’s on a body part that holds a lot of moisture,  and after a treatment.
  12. Have a cold towel on hand just incase the skin gets irritated.


OH MY GOODNESS, waxing is not the best feeling in the world, that’s for sure. But, I can’t wax on the public if I don’t know what it feels like on my own skin. Needless to say I’m feeling like sphynx cat!!! So far I have gotten my arms, legs, bikini and face waxed. Yikes!!!! Also, so far I have preformed a bikini, back, and underarm wax.

(Oh, and since my last post about school I have learned about eyebrow and lash tenting. I’m not going to make a post about that because there is not a lot to it)

Hard Wax

Soft Wax

Jasmine Oil

All my knowledge, apart from the hands on learning and taking appointments, comes from this LOVELY book in the pic above and from an amazing institution!

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