If you have heard me once, you have heard me a thousands times- Shop Settlement Clothing is ‘wear’ it’s at y’all! I raved about how universal SS’s clothes were for my 25th birthday party earlier this year and now I’m telling you again… no I’m showing you again 🙂

I do want to give a huge shout out to Tiffany, owner of SS- If y’all have been following my journey for a while you know that I have NOT been coloring my hair or applying ANY heat on my hair. It’s almost been one year. I really wanted to go one year without touching my hair because I totally need to get this main back in control! So, I vowed no color or heat for a year (and on top of that, I haven’t really put any ‘harmful’ products on my hair either. Maybe a little hair spray here and there and some volume powder.) In these photos below you can see how much my hair has grown out, although I have been trimming it once a month on my own. Y’all get where I’m going with this!!

Annywayyzz, When I arrived to get ready for the photoshoot  – ALL NATURAL HAIR –  I let Tiffany know of my hair goal and she was totally on board with it!!! Talk about someone who is down to earth and personal! That’s what it is all about people! Thank you for letting me be me!  Love you Tiff, and love what you and the team have done with the brand <3









Shop Settlement

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