Gosh, where do I even begin…

My life has been changing lately, and I have been too silly to document it.


If you aren’t aware. I started esthetics school back in May. And that has been taking up A LOT of my time. I make B+ and up on my test, reports and practicals. I wear the same clothes- scrubs- everyday. I also took the Utah state board exams for my esthetics license and received A’s on both of those so I can work in my field while still taking the advanced classes.


I have completely flipped my diet around- and I don’t care that I only weigh 100 lbs soaking wet, I feel better about myself! This spiral started last year; I’ll sum it up quickly!

  1. 10 day sugar detox
  2. Natural sugar only
  3. No breading
  4. Sourdough bread only
  5. Whole milk only
  6. Raw milk only
  7. Milk from small family farms only
  8. Understanding the hormones that are in milk (There is no such thing as hormone free milk. It’s literally food to grow and support a calf . Casomorphine- look it up)
  9.  No more milk
  10. Looking into meat
  11. Grass fed meat. No GMO. Raw meat? … nope couldn’t do it
  12. Understanding the way our intestines work (or lack there of) with meat
  13. Understanding the break out down meat in the body
  14. Relating our bodies to animals who eat vegan VS who eat meat
  15. Educated myself on food corporations and corporate farming
  16. No more meat and no more dairy products
  17. I’m vegan

Disclaimer- I’m not a perfect human. I’m not the perfect vegan. I get better everyday.

Helpful Tip- If you are trying to know what works best for your body try things out!! That’s how it all started for me!! I just tried little changes here and there and it turned into something that I love. Also, there is a lot of debate about eating meat and what’s okay for our bodies. Do your own research! Don’t take my word for it (although I will tell you everything I know to be true) and don’t take anyone else’s work for it either! You have to start with you! And lastly, there are thousands of articles and show and books and people who will disagree on sugar, meat, and dairy… but in my time frame of learning what’s best for my body I HAVE NEVER ONCE SEEN, HEARD OR WATCHED ONE THING DEBATING THE  INTAKE OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES. And when I came to that conclusion, it just clicked. I’ve been VERY fortunate to not catch a lot of crap about changing to a vegan, so good luck to you. If you notice people starting to tease you, then they are not wishing for you to find out who your best you is. You don’t need those people in your life.

I’m also starting to get really anal about being more environmentally conscience… Like, I hate plastic now. and I desperately want to start a compost.


Let’s see, what else….

OH! I went rock climbing for the first time! Well, bouldering. But still! It was a lot harder than I thought. The shoes hurt a lot more than I thought they would and there is a lot more foot work involved than I thought. Also, I felt like I was up way higher than I ever really was and Sean LITERALLY had to convince me to make my way back down the rock.

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