My beautiful home state. Kentucky. Home of the best bourbon, best race horses, famous blue grass and some of the best underground exploring.

While Sean and I were in Kentucky visiting for the holiday season (Christmas and New Year) the family all took a trip to explore this great monument. Mostly because Sean had never seen anything like this… well, to this extreme size.

– Fun Facts-

Mammoth cave is more than 400 miles of underground cave and has a general area of around 60 feet below top soil. And this is the home of gun powder! That’s right, when Mammoth Cave was discovered the men found a way to create gun powder from the findings. So, all the gun powder from the early wars came from Kentucky! (Not that I’m a fan of war) Mammoth Cave also has it’s own shrimp! Explorers from all over the world would come to see the wonders of Mammoth Cave, while they were here they would take candles and smoke their names in the ceiling of the cave.¬†¬†While we were traveling through each section, the lights were turned on but after that section the lights would be turned off so that the animals and little critters would not be disturbed (as much as possible).

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