^ This picture is showing you how much room the bridge has to ‘breath’ with changing temperatures. (Because the bridge is all concrete)^

Hoover Dam, Nevada!

Never in my life did I think the dam would be so cool! It wasn’t ever on my bucket list or anything! We almost didn’t go, and so glad that we did! I didn’t even know there was a bridge over the dam, I just knew there was a wall you could walk on. Holy cow, this monument is HUGE! There is also a lot of educational facts about the construction and time frames of the monument.  (It also tells you how many men died and are in the concrete of the monument but I can’t remember what the number was and didn’t get a picture of it. Annoying.)

The only thing we paid for was parking. Walking on top of the bridge was free. However, you can pay extra to walk down to the bottom on the dam to see all the generators. ( I think it is $30.00 per person )

My aunts were in town on vacation so me, Sean and his daughter Maleya met up with them for the day. It was INCREDIBLE!

Be sure to check out their YouTube Channel !!

Also, MAJOR shoutout to my Aunt Lea for periodically overcoming her fear of heights!







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