Antelope Canyon – Side Canyon – Rattlesnake Canyon

Exploring new lands is becoming apart of my identity! I love it!

My take away thoughts about this area: Our planet is BEAUTIFUL and worth preserving so future generations can experience the awe I got to.My tour guide was a native and he was telling us stories about his childhood. He used act like he was in the movie Trimmers. The rules were that him and his friends would spread eagle to touch the canyon walls because if you touched the sand, the sand monster would get you and that eliminated you from the game. He compared it to the children’s games The Floor is Lava.

He also told us that when his great-grandmother was young, her and her siblings and parents would hide down in THESE EXACT canyons to hide from white people. From the top of these canyons the ground looks flat. You can’t tell that there is a whole other world down in the canyon. (Which is true because I saw it with my own eyes… and I live in southern Utah)

He also showed us how he pays tribute to this land. It was through a prayer in Navajo. The prayer was taken place in Antelope Canyon, it was chant like and broken down into five sections: Acknowledgement of the Creator, list of all bad things in your life, chant “Make all things beautiful in my life” how ever many time it took until you feel better, List all the things that are beautiful in your life, thank the Creator. And it was said that the vibrations through your voice throughout the entire prayer + the rain water/ flash floods were what made the canyons take on there shapes. It was such a privilege to be apart of this day! Now that you know this, go back up and look at these photos with a new understanding 🙂

As a disclaimer, these photos are not filtered. The daylight was changing so much in and out of the canyons and while the day was passing. Regardless, I had a lovely day. One I won’t forget.

-Take Away Moment- 

Although I shared a lot with you about my adventure and what I learned and experienced, there is something else I am very proud of. It may seem petty, or inferior… but it’s important to me that I share this with you. If you are not familiar with my journey here is a quick review: I moved from Kentucky 2 years ago. I only have about 5 friends and Sean (my bf) and his family. I spend 90% of my life with Sean. And the other 10% without him is due to school and work. I went on this adventure without Sean. And that is a big win for me. I told him that after, I said “I am so proud of myself for doing something without you” and he was happy I felt that way. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE spending that 90% with Sean. However, having me time is VERY important. My human identity is important. I don’t care how long you are with someone. You are you before, during and after your title- girlfriend, wife, mother, sister and so on…


Be you. Do you. Don’t feel bad about it. Go treat yourself.

– That’s all for now-

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