I have gotten a lot of questions (and little push back) about why we decided to change my diet to a vegan diet. It’s pretty hard explaining to others when only having about a ten second gap to answer (especially when my answer comes from a few different angles). We mostly chalk it up to ‘I’ve never felt better’, which is so true! But, my blog is the one outlet where I can collect all my thoughts and express myself without interruptions. So here are the million dollar answers!

My goal is not to convert you into what I think is best for you and our planet, rather to educate you on my findings and let you make your own decision. When I first began my healthy eating journey it was all for me, however since educating myself about food industries and the human anatomy my entire thought process has developed into  “MY (consumption) actions are negatively effecting other people and our planet and depriving my children, my grandchildren, your future generations, and innocent people and animals around the world daily. How cynical can I be?”

MY SPIRITUAL ANSWER stems from the pineal gland. It is located in the center of the brain and can be ‘activated’ by the center of the forehead. It’s thought to be our third eye (or our first eye, which ever way you want to perceive it), our all seeing eye, our spiritual eye and our sixth chakra. It is the gland that allows us to be more spiritually aware and whole. It’s a gland that is apart of the endocrine system that works closely with the hypothalamus (which control A LOT of our actions: biological clock, sleeping/waking, sexual drive, and more.)  Diet and stress suppress our pineal gland, suppresses us from being our whole selves. Eating meat that has injected hormones, consuming GMO foods, drinking fluoride rich water or products, being stressed about work, children, money, life in general does not do our pineal gland any favors. In fact it coats the pineal gland with a callus, blocking us from being compassionate and understanding, much like a callus on your hand hindering you from feeling pain in that spot. My motto lately has been: “It will all work itself out, you know why? Because, that’s just the way life works. It works out.” By simplifying my diet to nutrient rich foods, whole foods, foods that will actually stick with me, and by de-stressing my brain (which, on some days, still takes a lot of practice) I truly know that my spiritual self has become more awake than ever before; I am more open to new ideas, new people, more understanding and respectful of different lifestyles and cultures. I am not as judgmental, I listen more than I speak. I don’t throw my opinion out just because I want to. I have totally changed into a better human since my vegan diet journey began. However, I’m still as sarcastic as ever 😉 (and let me say, I know there are plenty of meat eating friends of mine who are wonderful people and are pretty good about some of the things I said above that I have changed… but I still believe that you would see a different side of yourself if you tried this out. I have.) * Side Note: Idk how some people call themselves ‘spiritual’ after eating McDonalds and Chic-fil-a all the time instead of actually feeding their body whole, nutritious foods. Blows my mind!*

MY ROMANTIC ANSWER is something that took longer to develop. I still have a hard time sympathizing with others if I feel that the excuse they give isn’t valid. However, I get a little better everyday. The reason I think it took so long is because I wasn’t taught at a young age to necessarily care about how my actions effect others past the extent of whom I was surrounded by. My parents weren’t at liberty for charity events and things like that. They were always working very hard to provide for me and my sister.

When I started sympathizing with the animals, that’s when I knew I had reached a new level of this whole vegan diet transformation. I started turning my head, or putting my head in my hands when watching the activities in slaughter houses. I started gagging at the smell of the meat section at the grocery store. I cried once when watching a chicken’s beak being cut off and then thrown into a cage… and honestly had to tell myself to ‘pull it together’ because I was being silly. But, I wasn’t. I was being human. Have you ever noticed that as a kid (or to kids) farm animals were the best thing ever? They were so cute and fun to be around and learn about! When does that switch go off? Or now days you see pictures of little furry calfs being so cute and cuddled. You wouldn’t send your dog to the slaughter. You would go to jail or be stoned for that! At what point is it okay for some animals to be treated like kings and some treated like slaves (slaves for our tastebuds)?

Did You Know: Female cows are forced into pregnancy to produce milk. They don’t produce milk like chickens do eggs (fertilized or unfertilized), they have to be pregnant in order to produce milk. After the mother gives birth she is only in contact with HER calf for no more than 1 hour (if that). Then she is violated for her milk by AMS- automatic milking system, that doesn’t care about how much it is sucking or what it is sucking. There has been proof that puss is milked from the cow’s because the AMS doesn’t stop! Literally sucks the cows dry… multiple times a day! She is denied nursing her young (if you are a mother, could you imagine?), and the calf is either killed or raised for slaughter or bi- product. Also, the living conditions are terrible. The label on your butter might show a happy cow from California grazing on lush green grass, but that’s a lie. They are living stagnant in a factory farm, walking in each others waste. When you purchase cow’s meat at the grocery, you aren’t getting meat from one cow, you are getting many different cow’s meat that was mixed together. * Also, I’d like to mention I grew to the realization that it’s weird we humans are the only species enslaved by the need for milk. No other species relies on mother’s milk after they are weaned off. I find it extremely weird that we are enslaved to milk that isn’t even our own species. And, every time I have asked someone “Would you drink your mother’s milk if she were still producing right now?” They cringe… To which I ask “So why do you need mother cow’s milk?” … just a thought for you to think about*

: Chickens. They are treated badly in a few different manners. The beaks are cut off so they aren’t killing each other in their small caged environments or cracking their own eggs opens for food. Some hardly see sunlight because they are easier to control when they can’t see. Chickens are filled with so many hormones that their legs can’t hold their enormous bodies up. They are fed from ‘hamster feeders’. Their feathers are covered in waste because there isn’t any walking/ roaming space. Chickens do take up much less space than cow’s. If you are willing to think about YOUR impact on the planet, at least consider taking cow meat and bi- product out of your diet. This would save our land and planet A LOT of destruction.

We can feed the world with plants! We don’t need to grow crops (let’s be honest, corn and few other crops) to feed animals to feed the world. All that is, is recycled and lazy ‘nutrients’. Think about this: Have you ever heard of a recall on broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, nuts, seeds, potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, watermelon, or anything that isn’t from the meat/egg/ dairy industry? My guess is no. Have you ever heard of an article, documentary, new report or anything of the sort argue the health benefits of fruits, grains, or veggies? No, as long as the industries can create chaos in the debate, keep people confused, and keep throwing money at the problem, they win. (This is exactly what they did with smoking campaigns back in the day)  We can feed the world with plants! We can save our planet growing crops. This woman that I watch on you, Ellen Fisher, says to vote with you dollars every day by purchasing smarter, healthier and happier. Couldn’t agree more!

“A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change” – United Nations

“Consuming meat/ dairy/ and egg is the number one cause of global warming, deforestation, water depletion, species extinction, and ocean dead zones.” – Meat The End Documentary.

“We need to transition from a life destroying culture to a life affirming culture” -Dr Sailesh Rao, Founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers

I always thought it was extreme to be vegan. Well, because of all the ways we use animals causes them harm. No. Living. Being. Deserves to be the slave or the property of someone else. I got to the point where that was the only thing that made sense. Since when was it extreme to not want to harm animals? What’s extreme is saying that we love animals and saying we are against animal cruelty while we pay people to mutilate and torture and slaughter animals for foods and products we don’t need” – James Aspey

MY RELIGIOUS ANSWER- Genesis Chapter 2:    8 Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed. The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil… 15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. 16 And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden.” …except from the tree of knowledge and evil.

My thoughts are that originally, God wanted us to work the ground and to keep working the ground, and to get all our nutrients from it. Adam was not given instructions to kill innocents. I know that the Bible says Jesus ate meat, I still don’t think that is right. Why didn’t God tell Jesus that eating anything but plants was wrong? I’m not sure, but I know that the books in the Bible were put together by a council of pagan leaders… so I’m sure there could be some corrupt there. However, the living conditions in biblical days were different. There was not the pollution, industrial influence or political influence there is now. A little bit of meat probably could have been good for the diet back then. Now, in present day, there is no reason for it. Plus, I’m sure that God wouldn’t oppose to a vegan diet because it is not harmful to any being.

Also, I’m not sure how to explain the animal sacrifice. Why would man, who was created by God, think that he/she was supposed to kill another creature, created by God, really think that’s what He wanted? Why was the blood of another the way to go? Not sure, and honestly need to do much more research on this topic. However, it does illustrate that from the beginning man really does have to try extra hard to be compassionate and think twice before acting. Man really does think he/she is indestructible and at the top of all chains… after all isn’t that why we sin? Isn’t that why the forbidden fruit was eaten? Isn’t that why the rich get richer? Why wasn’t working the ground good enough? Adam had everything he needed… after Eve arrived.

(Maybe I’m ranting… maybe I’m making a good point. Anyway…)

There is a few movements going on right now #NoMeatMonday and #VegetariansForChrist You should look into them if interested 🙂

MY ANATOMY/ NUTRITION ANSWER- The outside of our bodies, our skin (epidermis to be exact) is lipophilic- oil loving. (This is why we can swim, or get prune like fingertip. We repel water.)  It’s also acidic, sitting at about a 5.5 on the pH scale. The inside of our body is hydrophilic- water loving. It’s alkaline, sitting in between 7-8 on the pH scale. The pH (potential hydrogen) scale is a logarithm scale. It ranges from 0-14, and every number is x10 (kind of like the decimal system) Therefore, 5.5 is not just a few notches from 7 or 8, it’s around 20-30 notches from 7-8. Consuming meat, which is acidic for those of you who are not aware, causes our bodies to have free radicals. Free radical are also know as ‘husband stealers’. The reason being, when an atom (surrounded by right right amount of protons, neutrons and electrons) is unbalance, (in this case, acidic meat in the alkaline body) the electrons try to find another atom, and push their way in causing a chain reaction of unbalanced atoms. This can cause numerous imbalances in the body: Hormone changes, acne, late immune response, cell death, nerve damage, and more. (Other free radical causes are sun damage, alcohol, tobacco use, poor diet, air pollution, and pesticides) Putting acid foods in our bodies are not going to do any good, this is another reason why I have chosen to only provide my body with plant based foods. They are alkaline. I never feel sluggish after eating because my body consumes and digests it really easily. My digestion is 10x better now. (Just think about how you feel after eating a steak, mac and cheese, and desert… like you could pass out? Can’t move? Want to go right to sleep? Lack of all motivation?)

One other thing I would like to bring to your attention is that I have gotten questions about “Why do we have canine teeth if we aren’t supposed to eat meat?” Okayyyy, first of all, just look at all the carnivore animals and then tell me humans have big teeth. We do NOT have big teeth for devouring flesh and eating meat. Our teeth are about as big as our fingernails, aka- not big at all. Most carnivores have teeth about 3 inches long! I would also like to point out that meat eating animals have crazy acids in their stomaches (lol). This is why they can eat carcasses that are 10 days old, or waste infested water.  They can break down meat, fresh or old, very quickly because their acidity levels in the stomach are very high!!

I’m going to leave some links down below for those of you who are interested in more information to educate yourselves. I think it is highly important to educate yourself even if you are not wanting to change your diet. Knowing about laws that passed, statistics, the environment… ANYTHING. It is always good to keep yourself in the loop so that you may have an opinion from facts, not just because you have one.

Meat The End  17 minutes long

 Vegan 2017 45 minutes long


 And I’m sure by now you have heard of other docs from Netflix: Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, What the Health, Before The Flood,… My advise is to watch these films. Nonetheless, they are very educational even if you don’t agree with them.








  1. Morgan,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog on being Vegan. I am seeing a wonderful woman who is Vegan. She, like you, has done her research and shares it with me. I’m not “there” yet, but I do Meatless Monday’s and have ate more tofu in the past 10 months than I ever thought I would. And I have to admit, it’s a lot better than I would have ever guessed! We always go to Vegan restaurants when we go out. I’ve even made Vegan dishes for holidays and no one even knows. You never know the impact of writing a blog on something like this, but if you change even one persons eating habits, it’s well worth the effort! All the best to you.

    1. Brett, that is amazing!! We have done the same, no one ever notices that the meals we make are vegan. They are so good!! And also…. to be 100% I was making potatoes the other day and said to myself ‘I know that some cheddar cheese would be good one these’ lol But, I didn’t waiver because it’s not worth it; not worth it for my body, the dairy industry or our planet. You’ll get a little better everyday! Keep being strong. Please share my blog to whichever platforms you have, it would mean so much to me 🙂

      Also, let me know if you watch any of the docs I listed! I’m soooo excited for people to watch Before The Flood!!

      Thank you for sharing with me. It has made my morning completely!

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