FINALLY!! I finally got to go on a Northern California road trip. For the longest time I have been begging Sean to go on a Norther, Mid, and Southern California road tip. One down- two to go! It was a long drive but it was SO worth it. We had the best time! We spent time in San Fran, going to the zoo, visiting the bridge, Lake Tahoe, driving down town just for fun. We also visited the Red Woods! I was such a giddy little girl the whole time! Something that I was not aware of is how beautiful California is! I had NO clue that there was so much country side. I thought it was just an overpopulated state.

The last portion of vacation was our camping trip at Rubicon Trailhead. Here are a few photos of a hike we did there. We found this staircase waterfall that was honestly the prettiest water feature I have ever seen! It was a hot day so I decided to bring a snack with me, an orange. Sean carried the backpack full of waters. And then we were on our way, exploring. Doing life together; being our best selves.






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