Another GREAT mini vacation to Moab, Utah. It’s one of Sean’s favorite spots to camp at. However, it’s not the ordinary camping location. Most of the camping is built around the town, so you have the option to cook food at your camp site or go get food. It may seem more like ‘glamping’ and not real camping, but there are so many signature restaurants and cafés that we love going to because we don’t live there. I hope that makes sense.

  1. THESE BOOTS! Amazing! They are used from a local outdoor store in Moab. Sean and I make it a point to always go in there, even if it is to just look around. They sell used and new gear there. Anyway, I was so excited when I saw these boots in ‘my size’. They run extra big, so I got a size 4. My feet were super warm! I did wear other shoes that I actually brought on the trip, but not very much. Just if I thought I was going to be too warm (No one likes soggy feet!)

2. This environment! I never knew that any of this beautiful landscape existed until I met Sean. I absolutely adore how the wind and rain carve out all of this sandstone. The BLM does a wonderful job at keeping the trails well marked so the environment is not at risk. There are no flaws here (or anywhere in nature). At all times, everything just becomes it’s new self.

3. MY HAIR!!! Ah, Literally obsesssssed with my new hair extensions BAREFOOT BLONDE HAIR I can’t get over how full and amazing my ‘Butterscotch’ locks are in these photos. And this is not sponsored! I really do love them! At first I was nervous to purchase hair extensions because I do not use heat on my hair whatsoever! But, I bought some heatless curling rods from target, dampened the hair with a spray bottle, wrapped it around the rods, did the same thing to my natural hair and it blended together perfectly! In fact, I am behind on posting blogs for you guys- This trip was mid October. I have yet to re-curl my extensions! (it is currently Nov 9th) I’ve brushed them several times and the curl is still holding! I feel like they are just getting better with time, unlike a lot of other hair extension brands.  Maybe I’ll do a separate post on that? Let me know!

4. The owner, Amber Fillerup Clark even posted from my Instagram Story that she loved the way Butterscotch looked on me. This was the first day I got them in the mail. I did have a lot going on that day, but I couldn’t go to bed without at least trying them on! So, I clipped them in and fluffed my hair a little.

5. Jeeping is. So. Much. Fun! Well, I say that and then I get scared and turn into a baby. Haha. But, now that I am taking photos for Sean’s IG I can get out more so it gives me ‘meaning’ while we are out on trails.


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