With the mixture of celebrity skincare lines, beauty subscription boxes and YouTube beauty routine videos I thought it was time to share with you what I suggest when it comes to skincare. You might be thinking ‘why’ and my answer to that is because I am actually LICENSED to give this advice! There are not enough skincare professionals ‘known’ in the social media industry!

I have been educated in the skincare industry. I work as an esthetics instructor and I contract at a spa. I know ingredients. I know how to recommend a skincare regimen. I know how to layer products. You can ask me about treatments, what works with your skin type, the results you are looking for, and/or concerns. ANYTHING!

[One of] My favorite skincare line is Glymed Plus, which is why I have collaborated to provide you with product that works for your skin! Glymed Plus only associates with LICENSED SKINCARE PROFESSIONALS, so you’re in luck! Combinations of pharmaceutical grade ingredients and natural plant botanical ingredients make all the difference in the skincare world. These products are more concentrated than any OTC/ drugstore product you might already be purchasing, so you won’t need to use as much per application. It’s time to register; treat yo’ self!

Email me at for inquiries on [any] skincare questions/advise. I would LOVE to answer any questions that you have!

For inquiries concerning Glymed Plus please type in the subject bar ‘ Glymed Plus Inquiry ‘




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