Holy crap a lot has been going on! And I wanted to share with you, my online family. Sean got a new job and we have moved from Saint George, UT to Tempe, AZ! It all happened so fast!

I’m glad that I am getting out of my comfort zone more and more every day. The apartment we got is beautiful and meets all of our needs. Well almost, I wish that we had one more closet, but who doesn’t want one more closet.  Anyway, I was very apprehensive about living in an apartment because I didn’t want to be living on top of people, literally. And I didn’t want people living on top of me, literally. Everything else in our price range had about the same amount of square footage, but didn’t have amenities that the apartment provides and is still about the same cost. Most importantly, we don’t know the area well so living in the gated community with all of our needs met gives us a safe feeling. We signed a year lease so we’ll see what life brings in 2019.

To be honest, I feel like I have barely spent any time in the new apartment. Between driving to go get more of our stuff, working out of town, and visiting family for the holidays the apartment still feels like it’s on the back burner and that I don’t really live there. The apartment still echos because it’s so empty! Ha! If you can help it, don’t move right before Christmas. 

When these pictures were taken the only furniture we had was a bed, tv stand and a tv. We did bye this mini Keurig! And thank goodness I already had drinking glasses, bowls, plates and a toaster oven because we are sliiightly broke having to buy all the other stuff for the first time ever! Since then we have this IKEA sleeper sofa, a rug,  linen sets, random stuff for the kitchen, another bed that is also from IKEA (I recommend going to try the bed you are going to sleep on) and other things that I can’t remember.

This handsome guy is out cat, Kitty. He’s 6. Honestly, I’m not sure how the pictures of him turned out so well. He wasn’t acclimated to the new place and the camera, and photographer was freaking him out! You can’t tell but Sean and I were sandwiching him for this photo haha. Who are the real professionals!?

I have gotten so much positive feedback on these photos and it’s all thanks to Hanna! She did amazing and really made us feel comfortable with being formally  photographed. I searched #tempephotographer on Instagram, stalked a bunch of accounts and picked her from those options. It was great! We had already communicated the mood of the photos and mine and Sean’s personalities. She also answered me back very in a good time frame, which was great because I wanted the pictures in a bare setting. I’ll get an update apartment post soon when the echoing stops, haha


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