Since the move I haven’t had a lot of motivation to ‘do anything’ with myself. (Also, my mom made a comment about how I never do my hair sooo) Sean and I decided to go spend a day exploring Tempe, Arizona. And dang it, I did something with myself. Ironically enough, this is a sweater that my mom got me for Christmas. It’s from American Eagle. And I LOVE it! If you are wondering how it will fit on you I am wearing XS, I’m 5 foot tall and I’m an A cup. Also, it does not unbutton.

This up-do is one of my favorites. I love it because I don’t have all the weight of my hair pulling on my neck all day. The bun is a fish tail braid wrapped up and booby pinned in. I’m also wearing Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions: BFB UP ( in the bun) and BFB Classic ( in the bottom half) in the color Butterscotch. I love my hair extensions so much and they are easy to take care of. ( I guess I’m not that worried about the extra weight on my head huh? 😝 ) TIP: If you want a little more volume in your hair extensions but don’t want to tease them or add hair product, dampen and braid a couple of days before you want to use them. The BFB UP in my bun had been braided for a week before I clipped them in and incorporated the fishtail braid. And of course you can always pull your braid apart to add fluff.

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